Is the PS3 still an afterthought for developers?

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There is a very interesting article that has been written by respected journalist N’Gai Croal for

He received a press release from Harmonix the other day with a pile of screenshots for the Rock Band in-game music store. However all the screenshots were of the Xbox 360 version, so they asked for a couple of PS3 screenshots… Unbelievably they didn’t actually exist.

This wasn’t some great exclusive about the PS3 version being behind, or non existent though. It was just yet another example of how the developers are still treating the PS3 with less respect than the Xbox 360. Which is why 99% of cross platform games play better on the Xbox 360.

I know exactly how he feels because every single time I go to an event or distributor the games are being demonstrated on Xbox 360’s… Unless it’s a PS3 exclusive obviously.

Also 90% of review games which are sent out are once again Xbox 360 versions. I don’t think the common complaint of lazy developers hold true though, I think it is purely a commercial decision and now with the increased sales of the PS3 we may start to see this changing.

Level Up : The Accidental Exclusive, Or, Some Not-So-Subtle Ways In Which the Playstation 3 Remains An Afterthought Among Third Party Developers

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Last Updated: March 21, 2008

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  • have you tried to get a PS3 for review purposes?

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