It’s time to get behind our South African COD hopefuls

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So we’ve been hammering on about the upcoming million dollar Call of Duty Championship in America. We recently held the local South African qualifiers and yes it all ended with drama but before we get into that let’s take a look at this awesome hype-me-up video.

Okay so are you amped and ready to RUMBLEEE?

Awesome let’s get back to the issues at hand which we wrote about previously here. If you have no idea I’d recommend reading that,  but in a huge nutshell:

One of our teams, RiZe, entered the qualifiers with 2 UK based players. Apparently these players are Call of Duty professionals in the UK but didn’t have a chance to qualify in their own country so they joined a South African team. Now let’s be clear, this is entirely within the rules as only two players need to be based in the region being competed for according to MLG rules.

So they started the game and the way the hosting works is that each team gets an equal amount of chances to host and when it was Team RiZe’s turn to host they chose for their UK based players to host. Teams obviously complained and stated that it was unfair for the host to be outside of the region being contested.

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This was overruled by the in-game referee and RiZe went on to win the qualifiers.

Official complaints were logged with the MLG and those complaints have now been responded to. The official response is that the original results stand as they didn’t break any of the MLG rules at the time.

So now South Africa needs to get behind a team that is only 50% South African and whose top player is not local. 

And…I can’t do it. Hopefully I will be able to stomach it when it comes to them playing as Activision is doing an awesome thing here by giving these guys an opportunity – but right now, I’m less than impressed. 

Last Updated: February 27, 2014

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Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • Alien Emperor Trevor

    Seems like a cynical manipulation of the rules to me.

    • RinceandGATHERTroops!

      You shut up and cheer up! Maybe you can work from 3am tomorrow? 🙂

      • Alien Emperor Trevor

        That’s why I invented coffee.

        • Admiral Chief in Vegas

          Kopi Luwak?

          • Alien Emperor Trevor

            Each bean personally hand crafted. So to speak.

        • General JJ the annihilator

          That was you!? O_O

        • RinceandGATHERTroops!

          I always thought you were bitter, this explains it.

          • General JJ the annihilator

            I mistook his bitterness for calculating.

          • RinceandGATHERTroops!

            Oh its a bit of both, but no one knows which came first, of if indeed, it ever came 0-o Whoooooooooa.

          • General JJ the annihilator

            That’s what she said?

          • Alien Emperor Trevor

            I don’t think there’s any doubt there.

          • Alien Emperor Trevor

            and why people are always so wide awake & shaky around me? Wait a minute…

          • RinceandGATHERTroops!


  • Admiral Chief in Vegas

    *grumble grumble kakahaki grumble grumble all news is bad grumble grumble*

    Ugh. FOUL mood.

    In any case, hope the boys do well!

    • General JJ the annihilator

  • Hammersteyn

    Maybe if Johnny Wilkinson was our fly half in 2003 the Boks would have won the World Cup. But he cant because he’s from ENGLAND! Or is this the same case as with Zola Bud? There players came from SA but life in the UK? Like all things COD I just lost interest. Fcuk Kalahari too.

    • Ah but what about Kevin Pieterson playing for England when he’s South African

      • Hammersteyn

        Isn’t he both? So I assume the two UK players are South African? Still feels like I’d be rooting for a hybrid team. Oh well it’s not the whole pie but we can cheer for the slice at least.

        • Rikus

          Wait, so are the two players based in the UK South African? That might change how I feel about the team (not the decision though). I just kinda assumed they were British.

  • Willem Swanepoel

    Sorry but I hope they get their asses handed to them. Wont support them ;-)~

    We are not sending the best team to the competition, it is another joke to SA competitive gaming.

    • Admiral Chief in Vegas

      I’m sure there is a lulzworthy pic of ass being handed over, but I’m in too kak of a mood to go look >:(

      • Alien Emperor Trevor

        • Admiral Chief in Vegas

          Ahhh, internet never fails

  • Rikus

    Team RiZe, sorry, but you have no support from me. In my eyes, you are not a South African team.

    • Admiral Chief in Vegas


  • Kensei Seraph

    I’m conflicted.
    On the one hand I want to support the SA team, but on the other hand it’s not really the SA team, it’s more of an SA/UK hybrid. And it’s not even the best of the UK players that are in the team.

    • Hammersteyn

      Superior ping beat our best teams. Beautiful

    • RinceandGATHERTroops!

      Damn Saffas are everywhere!

    • Unavengedavo(aka. Bilbo)

      But wasn’t the SAUK replaced by the SABC?

      • General JJ the annihilator

        Seems like we’ve gone halfway back now, sitting with SULK

        • Alien Emperor Trevor

  • Admiral Chief in Vegas

    HEY REF, here is your phone, I think you MISSED A CALL!!!

    • Hammersteyn


    • Mossel

      Hahaha!! I’m definitely screaming that at the next rugby match!

      • Admiral Chief in Vegas

        🙂 Just tell em the Admiral says so

  • Mark Treloar has average reaction time as 215ms ad latency and you are almost half a second behind the UK host, and that doesn’t even take into account net code issues.

  • Rags

    The care meter has not registered with them playing fps games competitively on consoles. lolz What has esports become? Just about the monies it seems.

  • neilhza

    I find it very hard to believe they wrote a rule allowing 2 foreign team members but never considered the impact if those players were hosting.

  • Darthdad

    Stuff that! Go OpTic!

  • Slangzn

    Makes no sense, why even enter a comp in a different region??? Should never have been allowed to compete.

  • Charl van der Merwe

    Are the 2 players from the UK South African ?

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