Just a Note: Grab This PS3 Theme For $0

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So if you own a PS3 and have already downloaded the new 3.0 firmware then you may have noticed the new dynamic themes. Subsequently you were probably disappointed at the fact that the only one offered is the LittleBigPlanet at $3.

So if you’d like to jack up your PSN with a more unique them to fit your african nationality then check out the Japanese PSN Store and grab the Afrika theme.

Source: blpgaming

Last Updated: September 2, 2009

  • Q121

    Awesomeness to the max….

    Can we shoot them???


  • Felicity

    for some reason I cant find the dynamic themes… I assume they are in the store under themes? Maby my Japanese PS3 is skrewing me up???

  • Puppystuffer

    Zebra testicals FTW

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