Everytime I see a trailer for Assassin’s Creed IV, I want that game more. It is seriously looking beautiful. Now, we get better insight into the character of Edward Kenway and his story.

First things first, here is the trailer:

For those who can’t or won’t watch, the trailer starts with the dangers of being a pirate, followed by the moral uncertainty of that life. Moving forward, we get to hate authority figures and root for the assassin, as would be expected. We get some deeper understanding of Kenway’s motivations as a character, as well as the general storyline of Assassin’s Creed IV.

Ubisoft has certainly learned its lesson after ACIII – no more moral high ground and irritating main character. I’m honestly looking forward to playing the game as Edward Kenway – pick up pirate wenches, search for booty (treasure, by the way), and kill anyone who expects me to do otherwise. Awesome.

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