Killzone 2 already dethroned

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It was exactly a week ago that I posted the story that Killzone 2 had become the first PS3 game to ever top the Gamefly charts over in the land of the free.

Well it’s success hasn’t lasted and it has already been pushed down to number 2 by the hugely marketed Halo Wars coming to the Xbox 360.

Halo Wars has been receiving some great previews around it and I am sure the final game is going to be pretty good but I don’t personally think it is going to be better than Killzone 2, what it does show us however is that Microsoft are schooling Sony at the moment in the fine arts of hype and marketing.

I have said previously that the Killzone 2 NDA was lifted to early and I will touch on that again next week but at the moment it does look like Microsoft has a chance of ruining the party for Killzone 2 with it’s upcoming console RTS… who would have thought.

The entire charts follows through the break.

1. Halo Wars
2. Killzone 2
3. F.E.A.R 2: Porject Origin
4. Street Fighter IV
5. Star Ocean: The Last Hope
6. Left 4 Dead
7. Resident Evil 5
8. Skate 2
9. Call of Duty: World at War
10. Afro Samurai 

*Oh and the rumours that we are only publishing gamefly charts because of the gamefly postlady may in fact be entirely accurate…

Last Updated: February 18, 2009

Gavin Mannion

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  • baba

    If there’s HALO in the name, it will dethrone just about anything.

  • DarthPenguin

    Its Halo.. so it’ll dethrone anything.. that is true.

    But don’t write this game off just because its Halo… I played the demo and I honestly think this game deserves to be in that number 1 slot.. its a very nice fast paced RTS that is rediculously easy to play..

    Its good.

  • ocelot

    Its a RTS for console. In other words, its a RTS for babies. I played the demo and tactics are basically build the most units and win.

    Anyways judging how well a game will do based on Gamefly charts = retarded. These people are not buying the game.

  • ewie

    Microsoft marketing 101.

    Release unknown game include Halo3 beta – Game sales Massive success.

    Release Halo 3 – sell 9 Million.

    Now how to milk these fans.

    Release Halo WARS, include Mythic map pack in CE version(Only available in this package) = Massive sales of Halo3 players needing map pack. Halo Wars sales = massive. Also bundle Halo wars / halo 3 and map pack in Europe where halo is not big.

  • DarthPenguin

    The game is fast paced.. if you decide you want to fortify yourself.. build as many units as you can and upgrade them as much as you can.. then it might come down to most units win.

    But its about early attacking… and only upgrading what you need.. it becomes a fast paced game where the choice of unit is more important than the quantity of said unit.

    To each his own.. but this is a strategy game that will take off like Warcraft 3 did.. fast… clear advantages and disadvantages for units.. quick thinking strategy needed. I like it.

  • In other words… just like every other RTS. I honestly think it’s only because it’s got the word Halo in it.

  • baba

    A lot of people are going to differ with me here, but I thought Halo3 was really good. It did not have uber shiny gfx, but the gameplay and multiplayer was really good. I played the game for nearly a year before I touched anything else.

    I hope the same applies to Halo Wars.

  • Fox1

    Bundle Halo 3 with console :whistle:

  • Fox1

    Last night I noticed they are advertising Halo Wars on Mxit 😎

  • janrik

    It evolves the Halo story. I will buy it just for that.

    It is also a pretty damn awesome RTS, on a console! Another must buy.

    The fact that I’m getting the CE for under R400 has nothing to do with me being super exited.

    I canceled my KZ2 pre-order for this, as I have plenty of shooters to play and games only get cheaper with age. :ninja:

  • BHW

    Part of me is sceptical about a RTS doing huge no’s on a console – but a part of me recalls that up until the advent of HALO CE nobody played FPS on a console either

  • Well I can tell you that I didn’t have any high hopes for Halo Wars whatsoever, but I have since played through the whole campaign and I can really say that I was impressed, and I aint no Halo fan.

  • It will sell cos its got Halo in the name. M$ has so many blind xbot fans and they will flock. Look what happened when Halo 3 launched, the people went mental and lets face it, it was sub par. Looking back most xbox users will admit it was crap, but at the time OMFG ITZ TEH BEST THING EVARZ!!!!!!! Same will happen with Halo Wars, it the insatiable need to have something better than PS3. :sick:

  • Ladunia

    Halo 3 is actually a really good shooter, tight controls, awesome creativity in the environments and weapons and it just plays extremely well.

  • ewie

    Every day halo 3 still have between 750 000 and 1 000 000
    unique players playing it, for them it is fun, and if halo was just another shooter would it have these numbers
    a year after release.

  • DarthPenguin

    I still rate Halo 3 as my favourite LAN game. I’m one of those people that think Halo 3 is brilliant. And lets face it… Halo 3 is good… just look at the amount of people that still play it on Live. Those numbers would of dwindled ages ago if it was just because of fanboys.

    And Halo Wars will sell well simply because it says “Halo”… but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve your attention. Just like God of War 3 will sell well simply because it is God of War… but it doesn’t mean the game is going to suck.

  • But we all know that God of War 3 will be awesome!

  • baba

    I don’t agree. Halo 3 was not sub par, it was a tried and tested formula. It played excellently and the multiplayer is for a large part unmatched even today.

  • baba


  • DarthPenguin

    Its funny how we can moan about Halo fanboys when we’re all God of War fanboys.. I mean honestly… we actually don’t know if its going to be awesome.. we just so desperately want it to be awesome that we have already decided that it will be 😛

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