Killzone 2 BETA invites sent out

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Killzone 2

Apparently a Killzone 2 BETA specifically for journalists is being planned for later this year and the invites have already been sent out.

I for some unknown reason never received one… possibly punishment for not loving the game or just due to the fact that we are not as big as IGN yet?

Either way I am hassling SK now to see if I can get an invite but either way we should be seeing some more detailed information coming out soon enough.

Last Updated: September 4, 2008

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Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • Banana hammock

    I know that this is following a lot of hyped-up-delayed-forever disasters from the very recent past.

    And i know that there have been many issues with dodgy press release videos etc.

    But i really think that this thing is going to live up to the hype, could this be the first?

  • PillsburyDeeBoy

    Could this be the first game to live up to the hype? Have you played any Zelda or Mario titles at any point? Those games get ridiculous hype every time and – apart from Mario Sunshine – deliver every time.

    The truth about Killzone for me is that as long as its better than the first, I’m there. The first was a damn awful with damn beautiful graphics, so that shouldn’t be too hard to do.

  • Banana hammock

    No no, when i talk about the first i don’t mean games with a long history of huge success like Zelda or Mario. The first Mario and Zelda were not hyped.

    Although KZ is not a new IP it’s only the second one and the first didn’t exactly set the world on fire, it didn’t even warm it up a bit.

    I’m talking about games like Haze, Lair, Too Human etc.

  • Bboy

    Heh, did you know that another word for hype is “ballyhoo” (random)

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