Killzone 2 NDA lifted too early

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I was browsing the Internet earlier today and I had an epiphany, that the Killzone 2 NDA has been lifted to early and this may end up hurting Killzone 2 in the long run.

When a major game gets released the reviews always come out in the same manner, first there is a slow sprinkling of awesome reviews and then we get the wave of good and great reviews followed by a few guys trying make a name for themselves by rating the game poorly.

That’s all good and well and we have seen that exact situation before, however the next stage of this process is the medium sized sites coming out and posting about how a game maybe isn’t that great or how it could be improved.

We are just starting that stage at the moment and this should run for about a week, after that though is the time when the gloss has worn off the game from the bigger sites and they may start posting about the annoyances of the game and the faults.

It’s human nature to look for the faults in things and that is to be expected, however does Killzone 2 really need to launch right in the middle of this third and not so pretty stage?

Hopefully the Tsunami of great reviews carries it over the finish line but I can’t help but feel that they should have enforced the NDA for at least an extra week to time this properly.

Last Updated: February 4, 2009

Gavin Mannion

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  • SlippyMadFrog

    IMO thats the problem with Sony and hype. They announce the games way to early. By the time the game releases everyone is gatvol of the hype. Why on earth did they anounce MAG (massive action game)? It doesn’t even have a name yet! Same with home, way to early.
    How long was the time between Msoft anouncing the NXE and implementing it? A year maybe?

  • easy

    i understand the value of nda’s, but seeing as the game is just a month away from release, i feel its perfect timing to be lifted.
    and as much as i want this game, i do want to hear justified as well as constructive criticism. if the game is hurt by a wave of negative reviews, then obviously the game is not up to scratch, or as good as first stated. as a consumer of games, i like to know what i’m buying before i spend my money.

  • kab123

    I’ll agree with you to a extend. I’ve no problem with early announcements if the final product delivers. Look at blizzard. Hell they build up hype for 4 year and release a game that single handily revives the PC market. If home was actually useful it would’ve been worth the hype. Unfortunately it’s rubbish

    As for killzone, well I did find it odd that metacritic was populated with tons of reviews even though the game was still a month off.

  • I tend to agree with the author, it does seem very early when the game is only available to us mere mortals in three weeks time.

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