Killzone 2 Release Date Broken

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If you live anywhere near the Brightwater Commons in Randburg then I strongly suggest taking a quick trip down to ZAPS Games Store.

Why you ask? Well because they have announced that their stock of Killzone 2 has arrived and is on sale already. They have checked with the local distributors, Ster Kinekor, and apparently it is fine for them to be selling it at the moment but I have a sneaking suspicion that they will very quickly realise their mistake and request that ZAPS pull the stock so make it snappy.

This just two weeks after we were told that SK would be releasing Killzone 2 7 days after the international release date.

Last Updated: February 21, 2009

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Gavin Mannion

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  • Ladunia


  • LOL – I am honestly also expecting another Too Human fiasco – Where we are given the go ahead to sell only to be told to remove it from sale.

  • Yeah but you can’t really be expected to not sell it now if you have been given permission….

  • I honestly thought that everybody would have been selling this title this weekend – but apparently not.
    So we have decided to take it off sale until I can reconfirm with SK on Monday

  • That’s incredibly thoughtful of you, it’s not like you are doing anything wrong here.

    Honestly if I was in your position I don’t think I would have taken it off the shelf

  • Thanks L. – I just would hate to see my rep get into to much trouble if he HAS made a mistake

  • We will see today….
    Moody how many copies got sold?

  • Not many – we did get a lot of online orders but we withdrew it from sale on Saturday afternoon and have explained to everybody the situation – Which is at the moment to withdraw it from sale and change our sites release date – which we had already done.

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