Killzone 2 Servers being turned on

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Does that headline sound as bad to you as it does to me?

Anyway back to the point, news has been released that the Killzone 2 servers are being booted up this Wednesday in preparation for the Friday release of this blockbuster title.

Now it has been mentioned before and I will just briefly go over it again, very few blockbuster PS3 games to date have managed to be released and their multiplayer section hold out against the horde of players.

The battleground is littered with MGS4, MGO, SOCOM, LBP and others and I am willing to wager that Killzone2’s servers are going to go whimpering to their mommies on Saturday night when everyone jumps online for a mass orgy of gaming, Killzone style.

Hopefully I am wrong but I haven’t seen any moves by Sony or Guerrilla games that lead me to believe they are actually going to handle the stress.

But on better news have you seen the recent price cuts for Killzone 2 locally?

It seems that Ster Kinekor have managed to pull the rabbit out of the proverbial hat and have not only gotten their stock in on time but have also managed to slash the price from it’s heady R850+ heights to a much more reasonable R650ish depending on where you pick it up from.

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Also if you haven’t yet pre-ordered the game then you may want to head on over to Gamerlobby as they are running a competition and you can win some Killzone merchandise by buying through their affiliate links.

So there you have it a good-bad-good Killzone 2 story…

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Last Updated: February 24, 2009

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  • Banana Hammock

    No way the servers will handle it straight away. There’s 1 million preorders from EU alone. I’d expect a number around 2 million worldwide on the first few days. I bet it’s a week before it up and running properly.

  • easy

    its still yet to be seen if the servers hold up…
    so its a good-possibly bad-good story to be precise.

  • baba

    Whoo hoo!
    And the Sony bashing starts even before the game is released!!

  • Killzone 2 has been in the frontline of bashing for the last 2 years, but I was actually bashing the PSN here 😉

  • ewie

    Those are sold to retailers. Will be interesting to see as Street fighter also got 2 Million sold to retailers already.

  • ewie

    Have to agree with lazy here, hopefully sony learned from the R2 , LBP and SOCOM launches, otherwise it will just fuel the debates that you get what you pay for with the sony psn.

  • Crud

    so i take it there won’t be any p2p servers only servers provided by PS?

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