Killzone 2: The best thing to happen to the Xbox 360

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Last night, I popped into to see what the Killzone 2 reviews were saying and was not surprised at all to see that the scores were hitting the ceiling (although the fact that of the first 5 reviews, 3 were from official Playstation Magazines).

The game is scoring a 98% metacritic score at the time of writing, with three of the five review scores being 100%. Could the huge scores just be down to hype, once again. Will most of them look back and wonder if it actually deserved that much? To be honest, I don’t think that at all, I think the game is scoring so highly because from what I have seen of it, it’s visuals are astonishingly good looking and the gameplay looks like a riot.

The PS3 has needed it’s hard hitter. So far, there have been some really great titles on the PS3, but none quite like this. Sure, there is MGS4, but the truth is that it didn’t appeal to everyone. What the PS3 has needed is the equivalent of the new Box-Office Blockbuster, the kind of game that if it were a movie, Will Smith would try and star in it.

So, finally, the best thing to happen to the Xbox 360 has arrived ladies and gentlemen and it’s name is Killzone 2. You’re thinking, “hang on, this moron just said Xbox 360”.

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Yes, indeed I did. More after the jump.

So, Killzone 2 may be the best game to grace the Playstation 3, the killer app, the have-to-have that will push sales and boost the Playstation brand. I just want to once again point out the incredible level of quality that I see oozing from this game every time I see more of it.

Xbox 360 owners should be jumping for joy. Finally, in this console war of proverbial tennis, Sony has put the ball back in Microsoft’s court by returning an absolute cannonball.

Picture 1.png

^ Killzone 2 shows off it’s graphical muscle with it’s in-engine cutscenes

I’m excited, Sony has finally found it’s answer to Microsoft’s offerings and it is now their turn to try and up their game.

Maybe, now that an incredible looking game with widespread appeal has hit the Playstation 3, Microsoft will get off their lazy behinds and actually make something that’s up to standard, rather than rehashing popular franchises.

We may actually see something special come out of the woodwork, not just another sub-HD, overhyped, shallow rehash of something that only became popular because at the time of the first titles release, there was nothing better to play… Oh, I’m sorry, what I meant to say was, “Halo 3”.

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^ After seeing images of Killzone 2, or even Gears of War 2, you begin to realise just how out-of-date Halo 3 really looks.

While I am a huge fan of Gears of War and it’s multiplayer component, I can’t help but notice that it really does not live up to the expectations of a triple A title in anyway. Sure the graphics are nice, but the story is pretty terrible and the multiplayer is so riddled with bugs that it effects the very nature of the gameplay.

Microsoft needs to wake up. Killzone 2 is nearly out there and when it hits the shelves, people are going to flock to play it. It’s time to step up to the plate and make something that can match it, something that can keep up and maybe, just maybe, better it.

So, Microsoft… what’s it gonna be?

Last Updated: January 29, 2009

Nick De Bruyne

Video games writer, editor and critic since ’08. Living and breathing video games, movies and cars since the 80s. Follow me on Twitter if you love tons of gaming talk, and @pennyworthrevs for fun stuff and links.

  • easy

    i agree, healthy competition makes for better games

  • Roland Browning

    But Killzone 2 would have looked, played and sounded so much better on Xbox 360.

  • spl0it

    Killzone 2 is the Only game my 360 fanboi hands wants to play.

    And WTF is Halo3…?

  • Wolfy

    LOL! and only now you say Halo 3 sucks??? I hate Halo 3 was over hyped and under delivered. finnished it like in 4 days maybe 3 cant remember. And i thought to myslef playing it. Yeah this is next gen graphics allright…(sarcasm)

    I hope MS studios wake the fudge up and just see how bad this is gonna hurt they’re console sales now! ALOT and i mean ALOT of people have been searching a reason to buy a PS3 and this is one of those reasons

  • Wolfy

    some old windows 3.1 shooter… much like duke nukem 1

  • Shodan

    How do you figure that?

  • Maggot

    Can’t wait, looks awesome! 🙂

  • SlippyMadFrog

    Strange, everybody is saying halo3 and GTAIV sux but it still sells millions. Everybody is saying LBP and Resistance is awesome, but it doesn’t sell nearly as good as Halo or Gears. PS3 owners better start buying games.

  • Wolfy

    I dont know…. I doubt it. Everybody was so down on nay saying Killzone 2 in the past now that its gonna be released everybody is changing boats.

    Face it Sony also needs something to keep there head above water

  • Wolfy

    nah i only like played online twice with Halo 3 dont see what the fuss is all about. Id rather play COD 5 before i play that dissapointment again, and dont you think its a bit weird that to keep the people intrested in Halo3 they just add more achievements??? i mean 1750 or something is milking it a bit

  • Wolfy

    i wonder if the online server will be able to handle the amount of users though….

  • Strife LIves

    Hey you guys, I just checked BT games page. The have KZ2 listed as R845 ! I preordered it two weeks ago and my email confirmation from them says its R655. What happens now?

  • Shodan

    If you paid the pre-order already they have to give it to you at that price. If you have not payed well yo have to pay the new price. Happended to me and had to pay new price

  • hilt_ctn

    You’ll pay R845. Sorry but that’s what they do. I’ve ordered from for £29.99 ( add £3.50 for shipping and no customs ) I dont mind waiting 2 weeks and saving R400

  • SK dropped their RRP of games recently, with the RRP being R699. That pre-order price of R655 seems valid.

  • Strife LIves

    I preordered it from Anime worx too… and they just sent me an email saying theres been a change to my preorder. I get to their site, they still have my preorder account as the R600 sumfink price. But… they changed the KZ2 price to R849 or something? Cant remember the exact price

  • ToOkieMoNstZA


  • ToOkieMoNstZA

    Microsoft has ways of tricking the flock into buying them, is the reason

  • Strife LIves

    Interesting…. I got an a message from the admin at AWX, they say they have been advised by the distributers (SK I assume) that RRP should be the R849..

  • Bboy

    seriously, i dont know why we even mention halo 3… wot a kak game.

  • Ace

    Sadly even if you payed the pre-order price BTgames will simply charge you more or give you your money back when you come to collect…

    they reserve the right to increase the pre-order price

  • kab123

    Happend to me as well. But they said if I pre ordered and paid, they won’t be jacking the price up for me.

  • Ace

    Great article guys… i can’t stand the halo 3 craziness. GeoW2 is pretty cool but i think they dropped the ball a bit.

    KZ2 is gonna be really good but the amount of hype is ridiculous. I’m not gonna look at the reviews, lately all that happens is someone will give it a low score just to generate site traffic. i expect lots of 90’s and a few 60’s or 70’s from sites just looking for attention!

  • Peter

    wow. why does halo 3 look this bad now?

    I didn’t think it was that outdated looking when i was playing it.are you sure those are halo 3 pics?

    anyways gears 2 looks awesome but the online is a bit glitchy. hopefully they will sort it out again fast.

    and your article is right.Hopefully MS will give us something awesome in future.

    dam killzone looks like CGI

  • Head In Jar Man

    Never really looked at it that way.

    Killzone and MGS4 are the games that have made me want to get a ps3 if it werent for the steep pricetag, to me i don’t want to pay $400 twice if im going to get the same thing in a different package. It seems that graphically, ms hasn’t really been preasured as much as they could have and they are just trying to squeeze out as much from the graphic engines they have already. Maybe games like this will force some studios to actually overhaul their engines instead of making small upgrades (Unreal, Halo).

    Either way, it’s great for gamers everywhere.

  • Matt

    Nice read…I totally agree…hopefully this Section 8 game I keep hearing about will be good of enough for a return ace.

  • robleroy

    I’m sorry to say that microsoft probably wil leave the ring in this early stage. they will most likely better try to rival the wii. the have a better change at that (maybe buying mario and zelda….) they don’t even have to lower the price. just make xbox live free!!
    I’m looking for signs that microsoft would have some super response. the biggest response is to let halo wars release right before killzone2 just after killzone2 release date was announced.
    if halo4 was made by a bungieepic work together project ….only then I would have hopes..
    halo4?…yes….but only for the xbox720 …
    nope I think microsoft has hit its target. and now they are just concerned about making as much profit in the last days of the xbox360.the new xbox or ps/3 will be announced or even introduced in 2011.
    halo3 was a 3 year project. gears of war was a 2 year project.
    I don’t see microsoft investing big money (killzone2 was a 3 of 4 year project)) for a console which is to be dumped over 2 years.


    rob (xbox360 owner and fan)
    I have to be honest and say that eventually the ps/3 (bluray, wireless, no rrod, no xboxlive cost) IS actually a better deal.

    Halo is dead (no more bungie)
    gears of war is still not as big as halo
    xbox live ,arcade games and DLC ARE TOOOO EXPENSIVE!!!!
    xboxlive should be sponsored by add placers!!
    arcade games are mostly old and free on pc platforms.
    DLC and arcade games are not possible to resell
    (you could buy a 60$ game and resell it for 30 bucks or even give it to your nephew to play)

    what is keeping xbox in the race:
    The RROD.. because of this the hacked xbox consoles are kept to a minimum and original games will have to be bought to be able to play.
    (I bet you always thought the rrod was bad for microsoft business…its actulally the opposite)

    the game library (but after killzone2 an metal gear solid this libray won’t hold up anymore )

    my advice:

    we should sell our xbox ,and start saving for a ps/3

  • darthdad

    I think there is still way much more in the tank of the Xbox. And like Nick says, Killzone 2 is a warning shot across the bow. Get your guns out now or SINK!

  • Fadu

    I like the way you think 😀
    :biggrin: kudos

  • Sorry about the slowness of site guys, I have a feeling some of the new plugins haven’t appreciated this extra traffic…

    I am working on it and hopefully things will come right soon enough

  • Chilean

    This is a great example of a real gamers discussion. Not a glimpse of fanboyism.

  • Glad to hear that coming from a new reader, Nick has unfortunately been labeled a 360 fanboy in the past for posting positive things about the 360 or negative things about the PS3.

  • plz stop taking shitt tryin to convert the xbox user to become playstation fanboyz like u!And as for u r comments, we don’t need to switch cause halo is still alive and will stay for many upcoming years and i haven’t seen a single game from playstation that beat Halo 3 record for the selling the most games on the first day and that week. and we still ahve more ppl on xbox live which playsation can never ever get close to, they’ve been trying to hard to make it as good as xbox live, but come on, thats another thing playstation can’t achieve. As for playstation being free, i wonder why Xbox Live still has more user than PSN. come on stop being a fanboy and tellin ppl to switch thier consoles to ps3.
    You should be happy with what you have and i know that playsation is as good as the xbox, but we don’t need to fight over which one is better. soo plz keep that in mind!
    thanks… :biggrin:

  • Chilean

    There`s always a prefered console, that`s nothing important. Mine is the ps3 but i have an 360 too, and it has great games.

  • Josh

    killzone 2 could only be made on the PS3 you moron :w00t:

  • I think Halo 3 looked out of date when it came out, though. It’s not a graphical powerhouse at all and isn’t the best representation of what the Xbox 360 is capable of visually.

    It would have been better, I think, to compare Killzone 2 to something like Gears of War 2 and see if it blows that away. That would be more impressive than blowing the socks off Halo 3 visually… most games do anyway, in my opinion. Killzone 2 looks incredible yes, but a comparing it to Gears may have better since it arguably pushes the 360 to it’s graphical limit, while Halo 3 doesn’t. Interesting article all the same!

  • Josh

    Theres more to squeeze outa the ps3 then 360 the 360 only has solid games not hardware

  • SillyMikey

    Halo3 is a stylized look and in my opinion still looks amazing. It wasn’t even the best looking game when it first came out so comparing it to the latest games graphically is just stupid. But in the end, its the gameplay that’s important and Halo3 has it down packed. Does K2 have H3 longevity? We will see.

  • spookula209

    I dont think so. I am not too sure they could have done kz2 on the 360 the same way. That’s why they didn’t do crysis, to much for the 360.

  • Matt

    In the comment on the third picture in this article it’s not “realise” but realize. Just sayin’.

  • Thanks for the comment, but South Africa doesn’t use US English, so we spell it with an “s”. 🙂

  • TLM

    KZ2 isn’t possible on the 360 dipsh!t
    Even if it was able how would it sound better?
    Crysis wasn’t even remotely possible on 360 they tried it for ps3 but it still couldn’t be done.

    Great job on this article though man. No biased BS just good evidence and facts.
    Good to see a gaming journalist that isn’t a douche bag.

  • DMason

    Who the f*ck cares dude. Did you come here to read an article or spell check? Nothing says douchebaggery as well as a spell checker hell bent on pointing out flaws.

  • ScarecrowRHPS

    I really enjoyed this article.
    in my opinion the ps3 can achieve even greater in the long run beacause of its hardware.
    Killzone 2 only uses 60% of the ps3 spu’s overall power.
    dont believe me?


    If you look at the graphical quality and just pure gameplay of Killzone 2 it really makes you wonder what hits the shelves in the next 3-4 years for the playstation 3.

    on the other hand xbox 360 is comming to a close sadly, because Red faction dev claims to have taken the hardware to the limit and it doesent even compare to what god of war 3 wich will in my guess will look similar and most likely better than killzone 2….


  • BlackSharinganX


  • DMason

    Great article Nick! It’s refreshing to see a writer think outside of the box. I must say, the title is very fetching. I am a big Xbox player, but I also own a PS3. It’s nice to know that my Blu Ray player will be getting some play time.

    This is my first visit to the site, and I’m glad to say I’ll be visiting more often. Keep up the good work.

  • DMason

    Says the rotund Asian kid…

  • Carl

    I really agree with this guy. Great article

  • Jonah Falcon

    How is Killzone 2 better looking than any given shooter I’ve seen? Unreal Tournament III blows it out of the water.

    And why compare with Halo 3? Why not Gears of War 2?

  • Phiro

    Yes, because we all know sales = Quality… :getlost:

  • Phiro

    PSN already closed the gap on xbox live. They’re up to 17 million now :getlost:

  • Phiro

    After playing the K2 beta for a couple of months I can honestly say that it definatly can and will outlast H3. The gameplay is superb.

  • Phiro

    ROFL so true

  • Phiro

    Because there is no need. K2 would just “Blow it out of the Water”

  • Gavin

    Because Halo 3 is the obvious leading candidate on the Xbox 360 when it comes to sales and longevity

  • SlippyMadFrog

    It’s called marketing, maybe sony should look it up.

  • Tamesis

    @ all the idiots up here posting stuff like oh halo 3 sold a billion copies and LBP did not….look retards the only, and i say again the only reason why halo3 sold so good is because yip it was hyped but there was a big fat 0 competition, no games to rival it was out, and to think it was like oh the 1080p must have game only on xbox360, next gen graphics blah blah blah, if all it only was a more polished version of halo 2, it just shows you how brainwashed the 360 crowd is, Sony said the next generation only starts when they say so, well killzone 2, upcomming granturismo…anyone see those scans, heavy rain….not one xbox360 game can match it, and no game will on consoles…heck i am willing to bet my whole 42inch HD lcd ps3 30 games and sound system to anyone who proofs me wrong so confident am i, ff13 will suck on the 360, cause they dont have space to use high quality pixels and textures, in the end let all ps3 exclusives go to the 360 it will just enforce the fact how weak and outdated the 360 technology really is youl all see soon enough! oh and down here they all float!

  • SlippyMadFrog

    The PS3 isn’t powerfull enough for Crysis? That must surely keep you up at night doesn’t it? 😉

  • SlippyMadFrog

    I see the N4G crowd arrived, feel the hate!

  • SlippyMadFrog

    The figure Sony gave was incorrect, it’s not even close to 17 mill

  • Wolfy

    yeah like look at GH:WT fudge up of last year. Man i was pissed

  • Wolfy

    That wishful thinking i dont think EPIC can fix the matchmaking problem. Thats why they didnt include it with the last update. You cant tell me in all those forums on the officail website that EPIC didnt see one complaint of mathmaking problems

  • Wolfy

    Wel i guess the pressure for game companies are getting bigger and bigger. Always a high demand for a new IP. Better graphics and next to no glitches. I mysel think the Unreal engine is being over used by too many companies who just dont wanna waste man power creating a unique engine for themselves

  • Wolfy

    qaulity over qauntity?

  • Wolfy

    Lets bare in mind HALO 3 is like 2 years old aswel. And well Bungie themselves didnt think that time it would do so well themselves

  • Wolfy

    every blog i write has a tipo… see what i mean!!!

  • Wolfy

    gears of war is a 3rd person shooter where killzone is a 1st person shooter. Its like comparing Lara Croft with Mirrors edge. two diffrent genre’s

  • Wolfy

    Well have to see what Alan Wake has up it sleeve whent ahst released then wont we

  • Fox1

    They never do Crysis for the PS3 either :whistle:

  • SlippyMadFrog

    What about Gears2? It had plenty of competition and it destroyed all sony exlusives when it comes to sales. Face it, PS3 owners don’t buy as much games

  • Wolfy

    yeah my cousin has a ps3 and he only has like 2 games

  • Messiah


  • NoMaD

    Can you believe the rain has stopped in Jo’burg

  • ScurvyJimbeam

    I was just thinking what a lovely day it is in Cape Town.

  • NoMaD

    JHB is much better than CT, i mean, the graphics is just so much brighter, when the sun shines, and things happen a lot quicker here. That’s right, I am a JHB fanboy!

  • er… relevance? :blink:

    nah who cares… how long has it been raining for?

  • ScurvyJimbeam

    You’re just jealous that we have the newly released exclusive “J&B MET” this weekend.
    and it’s full 1080p!

  • NoMaD

    Figured that it’s pretty much the same as arguing which console is better 😛

    Been raining here for a solid week! But everyone is getting scared cause there’s this big bright yellowish thing in the sky, and no one knows what it is.

  • Messiah

    Can’t we all just get along?

  • ewie

    Started again.

  • John

    How do u figure u retard? IF the 360 cld handle games like tht they would make em u dumb gobshite!! The PS3 is a better more powerful machine, when are u retards gonna realise tht. THE WHOLE WORLD knows it! Xbox’s top game compared to Sony’s top game……..who’s do u think is gonna be better? Yeah exactly, the game thts on the PS3. U fucking dumbass Americans!

  • John

    Galo 1,2, and 3 are for sissy boys. KZ2 is a game for MEN!! Who the fuck want’s to be a Republican space Ranger anyways…….. oh wait I know….. xboxers! And if u wankers dont know wht republican space rangers are u need to go play GTAIV again and watch some TV. Then u’ll see what Rockstar and WE think about yr stupid box.

  • easy

    what a crock… the attach rate for the 360 is around 7-8 the ps3 is 5-6. so basing your assumption on your cousin is not exactly representative of the overall attach rate?
    i have around 15 games and i bought my ps3 spetember last year. so between your cousin and myself we have an attach rate of 8.5… is that a fair reflection?

  • easy

    thats right, cleavage in glorious 1080p.

  • Just a question, have you even played Killzone 2 yet?

  • supasta

    Crysis is not possible on the 360 or Ps3 as neither console is able to handle DX10 graphics.

    The 360 GPU though is better than the ps3, as evident in games that have come out on both console.The xbox 360 handles textures/shadows/lighting much better than the ps3s gpu.

    So as an earlier poster said, Killzone would look a lot better on the xbox, though Im not sure about “sound” better.

    My 2cents.

  • SlippyMadFrog

    Nope, he is too busy watching TV in a video game he is watching on TV

  • polofish

    Yes they do need a game to match Killzones quality but they cant how do you fit a 50gb game on a DVD? The 360 can never have a game like this and with Guerrilla saying that there ideas for the next one will exceed even this games high polish (dont forget this is Killzones first build on the PS3 it will only get better). Also with pioneer creating a 400gb blu-ray the 360 just wont be able to challange future games on the PS3

  • Messiah

    Does Crysis require DX10 or is it supported?

    My 3cents.

  • Robleroy

    I,m not saying halo3 is bad!!!!!!!!!!
    It still is the best FPS!.. yes even better than GOW2
    but its old and therefore .
    And i’m a real xbox360fan !!!
    But If I analyse microsoft strategy:
    1) repeared xbox consoles replaced by still the buggy you have to trade in your console everey year.
    2) halo2 and halo3 are cool but the single player only sucks…but the multiplay rocks..why..because the like people to pay for xboxlive…thats the core business of microsoft.
    3) the ps3 has wireless, no extra fee for multiplay online, and bluray (netflix is only for USA users..its not international…but still people abroad pay the same as american citizens…
    4) microsoft latest biggest hype: LIPS….This marks microsoft attitude and vision: Not very promising

    I would love to see microsoft kick ass again!!
    don not get me wrong
    But the statistics and insights says microsoft will do otherwise.. (They are trying to lure the public with the so called alan wake project/game) but thats just creating buss to stay in the market.

    I love my xbox, but I just cannot keep deluding myself.
    It very clearl ps/3 will own microsoft in 2009 (the massive layoff in the microsoft department was mostly in the game entertainment department…so don’t go especting new big stuff from microsoft in the coming 3 years

  • polofish

    also i forgot to say that this can never happen on the xbox because developers are already saying that they have reached the limits of what M$’s machine can do… Killzone is till only using 60% of the PS3’s power

    • 60% ? Can you link us to that article please, want to check it out.

  • SlippyMadFrog

    Kojima said they maxed out the cell. Mmmmm, who should we believe?

  • sarg3

    Sure, its using 60% of the PS3’s power, got any screen shots/links of a cpu meter running on the ps3 your playing killzone 2?

  • polofish

    Speaking in IGN’s latest Play Beyond podcast, Jeff Haynes revealed that even during the heaviest loads, Killzone 2 utilizes roughly only 60 per cent of the SPU’s.

    “It’s incredible to see huge levels and see the deferred rendering and note that on all the SPU’s, even on the heaviest load were coming up to about 60%,” Haynes said. “They weren’t coming close to maxing out. .They had about 40% of space before they started tripping or saw slow down on some of the processes.”

    Furthermore, Haynes noted that the preview codes recently distributed to various media outlets were of an alpha build of the title, and have since been polished up . Visiting Guerilla Games in Amsterdam, Haynes was shown an updated version of the game, mid to late beta, noting that elements such as lighting, cut scenes, glitches, load times, have all been optimized.

    Killzone 2 is due out exclusively on PlayStation 3 on February 27, 2009.

  • polofish

    Its also mentioned in this months PSW magazine review

  • polofish

    just google killzone 60% and you will see quite a few sites so you can take your pick

  • I don’t get it though… Why would developers not push a console to it’s limits? I always hear developers saying that they either are or aren’t pushing the consoles to their limits, but most of the time I brush it off as hype-building. I don’t know anymore…

  • baba

    Go watch this:

    I think they mention it in there somewhere.

    And I wouldn’t say they’re using 60% of the PS3’s power. The developer said that in very hectic parts of the game they recorded 60% usage over 6 SPE’s. Appearantly they’re using mostly 2 SPE’s and upscale to 6 SPE’s when the action gets rough.

  • polofish

    because of the cost, this is the first build so most of the money went on creating the programs and engines to make it look good, Im more exited about Killzone 3 as the ground work has already done.

  • baba

    Well, actually the development kits do show all that info while the game is running. See my reply below for the link to the video where they explain it.

  • baba

    Actually the Nvidia chip handles shadows better than the ATI chip in my opinion (even in cross platform games), but you’re right, the ATI in the 360 is more powerfull than the NVIDIA in the PS3.

    What you’re not mentioning is that the CELL processor can help the GPU with rendering, equaling, and maybe even surpasing the 360’s graphical capabilities.

  • SlippyMadFrog

    “We’re using the Cell engine to its limit”

    Oops, looks like Kojima disagrees with you.

  • This is going to be interesting, I can’t wait to see if Microsoft actually has what it takes to step up to the plate. The war only starts now.

  • RancidSkank

    While I agree with the point that this will make MS up their game in terms of new releases (and of course set a new benchmark for graphics in the future), it is worth bearing in mind that the reason Halo 3 is so popular is the gameplay and not the last gen graphics engine (which was poor on release, never mind over a year later).

    Graphics =/= Great gameplay, and as gamers I would have thought the writer of the article may have pointed that out… :biggrin:

    Definitely looking forward to playing the game though!

  • BHW

    Graphics alone does not a great game make – Left4Dead has fairly crappy graphics by next gen standards but it is buckets of fun.

  • Josh

    GOW2 isnt an FPS!

  • Hieu Van

    just preodered mines! can’t wait. Preorder Killzone 2 (PS3) for $56.99 – $5 coupon code(KZ2SAVE5)= $51.99 + free shipping. You also get a code for Killzone Helghast outfits for use with PS3 home

  • UrbanCr33p

    It really gets frustrating when fanboys keep harping on the same old lines … “KZ2 isn’t possible on the 360”, etc, etc. Those sort of statements don’t contain any validity, but rather smack of ignorance. HardcoreWare’s comparison between Xbox 360 and Playstation shows a game developer perspective and says…

    “Graphics: The XBOX 360 is a clear winner. The GPU is more powerful. It has more powerful fillrate, and far more pixel and vertex processing horsepower. Part of the reason is their choice of memory, and architecture of pixel and vertex procesing. I can’t get into details but the same vertex shader will run much slower on the PS3 than the XBOX 360. The 360 also has a clever new way rendering high definition anti aliased back buffers. To accomplish the same effect on PS3 is prohibitively expensive. For this reason I think many games will have no choice but to run in non-HD resolutions on the PS3 version, use a lower quality anti aliasing technique, or do back buffer upscaling. The end result in all cases is going to be noticeably worse image quality.”

    The reason why Killzone 2 isn’t on Xbox 360 … and why Gears of War 2 isn’t on Playstation 3 is only due to 1 factor … these are “exclusive” titles, and it’s all pure marketing. “Exclusive” has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not other consoles can manage to run a game or not, but indicate that a game was only marketed for a single console.

  • bandolero

    @ urbancr33p listen get off the ****ing subject saying stupid comments with false info from gamers. every title so far ps3 has out class the 360 in every area plus 360 upscale chip sucks, plus can’t even handle 1080p and about the so call tech , no developer has ever said that ps3 is inferior with the exception of carmack so far top 5 developers have proof him wrong, it is frustrating when fanboys keep saying about ****ing specs you want talk about limits 360 is maxxed out this are true facts epic ,bungie,guerrilla have mentioned several funny how every ignorant fanboy still goes by multicross first the architectures are way different with the exception of ram in which ps3 split memory xdr+gddr3 is proven that is more efficient than 512mb this killzone2 has was develop into spu’s thats fast processing and tricore and ati so call xenos can’t handle killzone2. can you make it answer yes but it wont run proper got it : :

  • bandolero

    the only thing that xbox has that ps3 needs is better softwares to every 360 fanboy killzone2 is and will dominate all to existing fps but there others that are going to come out that will be better so stop trying to defend the 360 all killzone2 proof is that cell+rsx is a beast when used proper not to mentioned that blues play a huge factor in this race giving developers room to breath and elavorated so carmack comment is biting him with RAGE in terms of visual,audio etc. just enjoy your prefer console

  • grandmaster

    lol, i agree with u, but not the part where u said that microsoft won’t bring out anything good in the next 3 years. trust me they r very smart, they know what the people demand and what they need to fullfill thier demands. plus if u look at the past, even thou hd-dvd lost, microsoft still didn’ lose it sales jsut because ps3 has a blu-ray player. :biggrin:

    And we still have the Halo chronicle project coming out next year, we have FFXIII and rust me alan wake is coming out too, plus a few more good games, maybe even more some ps3 exclusive might come on xbox360 again.

    so we can’t jsut gurantee anything right noww…so we’ll just have to wai for now!

    (This is for the other ppl)
    killzone looks better right now cuase its been in development for over 3 years and abiously its gonna look better since they r trying to make it look better than other games they have ever made for the ps3, and since ppl r trying to compare it to halo3, u just can’t cause halo 3 came out in 2007 and they didn’t focus on the graphics much, they jsut wanted it to look goood and have a better improved multiplayer with feaures like forge and video and stuff. so killzone will kick halo3’s ass really bad on the graphics, but for multiplayer, its gonna take playstation a few more year to get even close with halo3’s multiplayer! :devil:

    So once again, lets just wait and see which system will win the console war becuase just over one game we can’t judge which system is going to kickass in the future. :biggrin:

  • Zeds

    Lol at you guys. Who really cares which console is better? Buy the console which will suit your needs the most. I bought a PS3 as it is a much better multi-media console, is a bit more future proof and for it’s exclusives – MGS4 (mainly). So what if I don’t have an X-Box to play the equally awesome exclusives? I’ll play it on my pc. As long as Microsoft releases all the X-Box ‘exclusives’ on pc I don’t see the need to buy an X-Box (well except for Gears 2, but that doesn’t warrant buying an X-Box).

  • UrbanCr33p

    lol … bandolero, don’t be so defensive. for your info … besides having an xbox 360, i’ve also got a ps3 and a ps2, and I am looking forward to playing killzone 2. so don’t label me a fanboy … sounds like you’re a ps3 fanboy though, because it doesn’t seem like you can objective about the topic.

    my comments were only an attempt to say that the reason why kz2 is not coming to xbox, is because it’s a ps3 exclusive title. in the end, it doesn’t bother me at all if kz2 doesn’t come to xbox, because i can still play it on my ps3.

  • You make a fair point about the exclusives mostly going to PC as well, except that many people out their bought their consoles so that they don’t have to or even can’t keep up with the technology needed to run most games on PC.

    I don’t think that the Xbox 360 has hit it’s full potential yet though, not by a long shot. Same goes for the PS3, so I’m still interested to see what comes next.

  • R_Shackelford

    Erm, 17mil accounts is still accurate. I’ve read of 360 users with multiple accounts as well.

    Also, let’s remember that all of those 17mil PSN accounts can be used to play games online. Of the approx 17mil Live accounts *only* the Golds can play online. And just like they don’t break down the PSN accounts by machine, MS doesn’t break down Live accounts between Gold and Silver.

    And Live has been around since the original Xbox, while PSN has only been around a little over two years, and they both have about the same number of accounts.

    But w/e. :whistle:

  • R_Shackelford

    Halo 3 is the best FPS? Stop dryhumping your XBoxes.

    I’d rather play UT2k4, UT3, or CoD4 any day of the week.

  • R_Shackelford

    Seriously. I got my PS3 in Dec ’07, and I’ve got 15 disc-based games and over 40 PSN games.

    Gee, sorry I wasn’t buying more games. Had to pick up that 56″ 1080p DLP. Oh, and the second PS3. Yeah, a second PS3, and the first one still works great (foreign concept to the Xboxer, I know) and is now packing a 500GB HDD.

  • R_Shackelford

    From your link:
    “I suspect a few years down the road some high budget, first party PS3 exclusive titles will come out that really take advantage of the SPU’s and do things the XBOX 360 can’t.”

    Welcome to the here and now. Defered rendering and SPUs FTW!

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  • RogueOne

    Kudos Nick on an extremely well written article !

  • SPC

    good call grandmaster. Halo 3 is still good with more then a million people still playin with nearly a year since its release date. Not just that it is still like $70. There is also the return of bioshock 2 which stayed out for ages

  • bandolero

    it ‘s not defensive but you said i’m a fanboy mamao the only fanboy is you posting stupid shit i own a 360 but the truth is if multi games weren’t around ms will be hurting right now and as far as 360 being more powerful ,only in your mind named last game that lifted graphics bar by 360 exclusive right none but 360 cpu+gpu are btter get real

  • OK

    But Halo 3 was released in 2006/2007 I think so that game will look out of date :/

  • WitWolfyZA

    Dude if your willing to buy crappy ported games and bargain bin abortions then thats your problem im talking about NEW RELEASES!

  • WitWolfyZA

    I hate to see your credit card dude

  • WitWolfyZA

    Believe it or not dude

  • WitWolfyZA

    didnt he say he maxed out the Blu ray disc??

  • WitWolfyZA

    What makes L4D so sweet is the countless hordes of zombies baby yeah..

  • WitWolfyZA

    Well i read this article like 8 months ago of how some game designers said that the true potential, of that console genration never really reached its peak and sopped at 65-75% so we’ll never see the true potentail of either system. thats my 2c

  • KLkjkjkjkjkjjb

    halo 3 sold many cos it always came whit a xbox. the xbl has more users cos it has been longer out. xbox360 sux cos it can get the so called death ring. ps3 will dominate next 7 years and then it will be ps4 and so on

  • bandolero

    Many 360 “fanboys” keep pushing the 360 further than it can reach. These are *facts* and no matter your opinion it wont change a thing. First coming from owning every console that had ever come out,the 360 doesn’t look good like before games are no as good as before and for the past 6 months no good 360 exclusive has worth even buying it. But yet many keep praising and posting many hopes for the 360 fans but really many on this site think that the 360 will take charge once again and *NO* it wont the upcoming titles are not good enough and not to many so what you think the outcome be, well the 360 about a year left maybe two tops before the release of 720 now look at the 2009 and 2010 the only thing that is keeping the 360 from falling is multi-cross platform games and lately the ps3 versions look better even when being ports from 360. Question what does killzone2 being able to be done on 360 what does it change*NOTHING* cause it wont come to 360 bet on it. One last thing the one that said that ps3 not even close to halo3 you right, I own halo3 and it’s garbage and halo3 multiplayer killzone2 is better way better. About sales! hmm sales don’t determined how good the game is. Wasting your time with sales subject. :whistle: v2.0/whistling.png

  • A4-F8

    killzone 2 :heart: :pirate:

  • Shock Trooper

    Now that Killzone 2 has been available for the whole year, let’s examine the facts and see what actually happened:

    * Killzone 2 was on the market for only three months before websites such as Gamespot were writing articles that said: “NPD Monthly Sales show that the three-month old Killzone 2 is already being outsold by Halo 3 — a game that has been on store shelves for 21 months.”

    Obviously, Killzone 2 was NOT any type of “Killer App.”

    * The Official Playstation Magazine said that Killzone 2 was “The greatest game ever made.” This means one of two things: Either the editor who said such a stupid thing was on an acid trip, or he was paid by Sony to tell a lie like that. For crying out loud, the guy needs to do a better job of lying in the future, because NOBODY believed the over-exaggerated like told by the “Official” Playstation Magazine that obviously was biased.

    * Killzone 2 ended up being a game with a terrible single-player campaign that could be beaten quickly in as little as 8 hours. The single-player campaign has virtually no replay value.

    * Kilzone 2 launched in 2009 — a year when Co-Op is a feature that is considered a “standard” feature in Shooting games like this. Even the first Killzone game featured offline Co-Op. But Killzone 2 does NOT offer any type of Co-Op gameplay at all. If you want to play through the campaign mode with a friend, tough luck, because Killzone 2 does NOT allow that to happen.

    * Killzone 2 only runs at 30 frames per second with only a single-frame graphic buffer at 720p resolution. This isn’t impressive at all.

    The fake video that Sony showed of Killzone 2 at the 2005 showed Killzone 2 running at 1920x1080p resolution at 60 frames per second with lighting and shading that is FAR BETTER than what we ended up with on the PS3. Anyone who has seen the Flamethrower in the 2005 video, and then compared it to the PS3 version knows that the lighting and the shading of Killzone 2 on the PS3 doesn’t even come close to the video from 2005, and it isn’t as good as the impressive lighting and shading in Halo 3 or Gears of War either.

    * Killzone 2 doesn’t even let you install the game to the PS3 hard drive! The reason for this is because the developers are using the old programming technique of using hard drive as additional RAM support. The fact that the PS3 transfers data at only 9MB per second, compared to 16MB per second for the Xbox 360, is probably the entire reason why there is absolutely no form of co-op in Killzone 2. It is very disappointing when you will suddenly see three-second long frame-rate pauses in Killzone 2.

    Bottom Line: Killzone 2 was a sales disappointment–it was on the market just three months before it was being outsold each month by games that were nearly two years old. The fact that Killzone 2 didn’t even include co-op features offered by the first Killzone game was probably the biggest disappointment of all. The lack of replay value in Killzone 2 was awful. Consumers were aware of this, which is why they were not interested in Killzone 2.

    Oh, and from a Tennis point of view, if Killzone 2 was the game that Sony hit back onto Microsoft’s side of the court, it’s safe to say that Halo 3 outselling Killzone 2 after just three months was the ULTIMATE SHOT that hit Sony’s court, and then bounce up and hit Sony right in the teeth–shattering them and giving Microsoft the point.

  • darthdad

    Yes, but what are you trying to say?

  • easy

    he’s trying to say that killzone 2 was crap, and that the ps3 is even worse, so we all must buy an xbox and play halo.

    i think.

  • darthdad


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