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Kinect Hacked to Control a Mech

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I stopped posting videos of the multitude of Kinect hacks purely because they’ve become so numerous; the site would be nothing but videos of people doing things they shouldn’t with Microsoft’s motion-sensing doohickey.

But this? this is too damned cool to not post. Kinect has now been put to use to control small humanoid robots, of the Gundam ilk. Increase the scale, add lasers and rockets and it’s easy to see how Kinect, in the hands of a mad man, could be responsible for the obliteration of mankind.

On a completely unrelated note…anybody…err…know where I could get an army of giant robots? No reason.

  • NiteFenix

    They got Insanely Cool Killer Robots on sale at Dion-Wired atm. R100 000 each.

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