Konami drops Fallujah – Didn't realise it would upset the Americans

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Konami has apparently decided to cancel the development of it’s highly controversial 6 Days in Fallujah.

According to public relations officer over at Konami

“After seeing the reaction to the videogame in the United States and hearing opinions sent through phone calls and e-mail, we decided several days ago not to sell it”

I am honestly not sure if this is a good thing or not, while I understand that a lot of people still have friends and family in Iraq and that this battle is still very fresh in their minds but I generally cringe inside whenever popular opinion stops an artist or developer from publishing their goods.

I guess it depends on whether or not the developer was simply trying to cash in on recent misery or really trying to emerse us into the true experience of war.

The game was looking awesome as well so I guess we are either going to see some non descript shooter come out soon or it will be shelved until the world is ready to accept it.

Source: Asashi

Last Updated: April 27, 2009

Gavin Mannion

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  • easy

    this is such bs!! america decided to invade iraq, and american soldiers are not conscripts and are there by their own choosing.
    the iraqi’s are the ones who should be offended by this game, as there have by far suffered the most in terms of casualties, infrastructure and so.

    f america and its skewed sense morality.

  • janrik

    What a bunch of weenies.


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