Konami leaving Ster Kinekor

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This is marked with a huge rumour tag right now as I only have one contact confirming this.

However I just received an email from a local retailer who phoned Ster Kinekor this morning to order some Metal Gear Solid 4 and was promptly told that Ster Kinekor no longer has the licence to distribute Konami titles.

If this is true then it would be the second major blow to SterKinekor gaming in less than a week and you would have to ask what is going on down there?

Again I have no official confirmation on this yet but as soon as I find something concrete I will be posting it up.

On a related point I also heard this morning that SK recently merged their home entertainment business with the gaming business and this could possibly be the catalyst behind these licences jumping ship?

If someone from SK would like to contact us and confirm either of these two rumours it would be greatly appreciated.

Last Updated: February 3, 2009

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Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • Janrik

    1st Capcom, now Konami.

  • Its easy to see why,if true.The guys at AWX tell me,KZ2 RRP is R870,thats what their distributers tell them.The average ps3 title is R100 less.MGS4 sold for nearly R900! ,now,these guys buy all the games for the same price,it is $60 everywhere else irrespective if its a AAA title or not.Maybe Konami found out SK were making a Much bigger cut than they thought.

  • Luigi

    It could well be that Konami and Capcom want their titles with a multiplatform distie rather than one with a vested interest in one console?

  • PaasHaas

    The less SK is involved in gaming the better, now if only they would dump the PS brand and let another company or Sony themselves handle it.

    The quicker they die the better imo

  • Theyve ripped us off for a loong time.Good ridence.

  • private baboon

    If this means cheaper and more competitive prices, it is definitely a step in the right direction. Because at the end of the day, it is Konami that is losing money due to SK’s greed.

    Way to go Konami (and Capcom for that matter), may those remaining follow in your brave footsteps!!

  • Herb

    With luck now we’ll get someone that is able to actually reply to people with questions, provide games at the going rate rather than the going rate + soul and lastly also someone that will ensure their games are brought in on time – every time (the GTA IV SE fiasco pissed me off)

  • Chantal – SK

    Hi there

    Not true, we are still distributing Konami product.

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