Kyle “Blurz” Olinski, the YouTuber who sent rape threats, speaks out

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You may remember back in late July when Kyle “Blurz” Olinksi suddenly became famous for sending crude, violent and threatening messages to a young lady.  These messages made it into the public eye and were met with a massive outrage not only in the gaming community but also on mainstream media sites.

Kyle Olinski then lawyered up and managed to get most of the information taken down and then went to ground. We have since heard nothing from him. Until now. So let’s see what his version of the events are with this 11-minute video entitled “the truth behind the hype”

Obviously, to avoid a takedown notice from his lawyer (again) we will only discuss what Kyle Olinski himself has put up for public viewing.

First up, notice the total lack of apology in the title. Threatening someone with rape then getting blasted in the media is not hype Kyle. It’s news and while they say no news is bad news, having the allegations that were levelled against you is bad – especially in this hyperconnected day and age where your name will forever be linked to this incident.

Next, the description of the video is asking us not to comment before watching the entire video. As such I won’t comment, I will scribble this in a stream of consciousness while I watch the video  and see where we end up.

One second in and this already looks weird. He starts off by saying his name is Kyle Olinski, better known as Blurz – but look at the top right corner. That’s not something we see every day.

Now I’ve been sued enough to know that “{Without Prejudice” is a legal statement that you normally see on legal letters the definition of which can be found here:

Law phrase: Without abandonment of a claim, privilege, or right, and without implying an admission of liability.
(1) When used in a document or letter, without prejudice means that what follows (a) cannot be used as evidence in a court case, (b) cannot be taken as the signatory’s last word on the subject matter, and (c) cannot be used as a precedent. Contents of such documents normally cannot be disclosed to the courts but, when a party proposes to settle a dispute out-of-court, it is the genuineness of the effort that determines whether the proposal can disclosed or not, and not whether the words without prejudice were used.

Whether a public video can really be without prejudice is something for lawyers to argue, but the fact that his video has obviously been passed via the family lawyer should make viewers sit up and take notice.

(0:29) Apparently he inappropriately messaged two girls on Instagram and not the single girl that we knew about. I wonder why he’s telling us about the second girl since no one reported about her? Also apparently these messages weren’t done in a public way. Well, yes we know that, Kyle. That doesn’t make it acceptable.

(1:01) He admits the messages were inappropriate but is saying they were done under the auspices of dark humour.

(1:07) Apparently, it was all a joke and nothing but harmless banter.  The first girl apparently got the joke and I guess that’s why he’s bringing her up. The second one didn’t get it and that is when the media perceived it to be “bad” (his air quotes). He also agrees that in some form of way it was bad to send the messages. “Some form”? Threatening to physically rape someone is not some form of way, Kyle.

And no, trying to explain it away as dark humour is utter tripe. I thought your pigeon joke was funny in a grim sort of way but how do you not recognise the difference in offensive/dark humour and threatening someone?

(1:35) WOW, wait what? There were actually three of them who harassed this poor lady. Kyle Olinski and two of his mates sent her their “dark humour” on Instagram. I’m no legal expert but ganging up and bullying the lady doesn’t sound like banter to me. He also wasn’t aware that he hurt the lady until her uncle messaged him. If I was the uncle involved you’d be getting a lot more than a Facebook message.

(1:52) He apparently apologised to her immediately. In the 2 months since this has been going on this is the first time he, or his lawyer, has admitted that he was wrong and that he apologised. That’s something.

So many jump cuts in this video.

He’s trying to explain dark humour again. Oh shame he’s brought his mom into it. She must have been mortified about what her son has done. I do feel for her. As a parent I hope I don’t get to experience what she’s going through.

(3:28) Holy shit… apparently the media described him as a stalker but he didn’t actually know either of the girls. Do you realise how wrong that is Kyle? You have just admitted to sending rape threats to strangers. what is wrong with you?  The dictionary definition of a stalker is

“a person who harasses or persecutes someone with unwanted and obsessive attention.”

You literally harassed someone with unwanted attention.  He then goes on to say he knew nothing about them but just found their profiles and sent them the messages. That is massively wrong, Kyle.

(3:57)”When she blocked me I didn’t carry on messaging her.” Yes, that’s how blocking works Kyle. This is not a defence.

He’s now trying to say it’s bad that we got the photos. She sent her pictures to a WhatsApp group that was designed to help protect women from things like this. Someone in this group then sent it to [CENSORED] and now he’s trying to say he never gave her permission to send it and he didn’t give consent.

You see this is the thing, Kyle. The ladies you harassed didn’t give you consent to harass them randomly. This has obviously been written by a lawyer to protect their client and I won’t get into the legalities of it, but if you threaten someone at random and they then share this threat I don’t personally believe you have a legal stump to stand on.

Holy hell, now he’s attacking the WhatsApp group because he thinks they are doing things worse than him. Because they didn’t ask his opinion. What is this world?

(6:44) Now he’s warning ladies that he’s not the only guy in the gaming scene that speaks like this.

Let’s take a side step here. My 13-year-old daughter was inappropriately preyed upon by a member of the gaming scene earlier this year, who was over 30. The fact that scumbags exist in the gaming community is absolutely no excuse to act this way. It is not a defence. Some in the local gaming scene are disgusting pigs who need some serious re-education. It is 100% unacceptable to speak to women – or anyone – the way you did, Kyle Olinski. It is 100% not acceptable to say disgusting things like this in public gaming groups or online. The fact that so many scumbags hide their racist, misogynistic asses behind online anonymity is no excuse to continue it. I am in no way saying Kyle is racist before someone sues me. But we all know racism is a problem in every local community and it needs to be stamped out.

If we truly want gaming to be taken seriously in this country people like this need to be ostracised from the community.

(9:00) He says he’s learnt his lesson. He obviously has not.

(9:57) He apologises to everyone but he’s going to keep making Youtube videos and wants us to support him.

Okay and that’s it. 11 minutes of proof that he has not truly grasped what he has done and has obviously not learnt his lesson.  I fully stand by Sam Wright’s tweet. If any brand or company supports Kyle Olinski you will not be welcome on this website or in my life in any way.

To Kyle Olinski and his supporters: You are living in an echo chamber where you think what you have done is acceptable because everyone is doing it. It is never acceptable to threaten to rape someone. Not only is it morally reprehensible but in South Africa, the threat of rape – and not only the act itself – is a crime. If you had done this to my daughter I 100% would have ensured you have a criminal record. You dodged one hell of a bullet with the girl’s family letting you get away with this.

To the two ladies involved: I urge you to reconsider your stance. Kyle Olinski has not learnt his lesson and I urge you to lay charges. The gaming industry is not only populated with Kyle and his ilk. There are millions of us who truly do respect people and play games for fun. Do not allow people to ever speak to you like that, report them when they do and if you ever need support we are here to help in every way possible.

To Kyle’s parents: I do not blame you at all for what Kyle did. I do not blame you for hiring lawyers to try to protect him. I would do the same for my children. However, I urge you to look at the video he posted and notice that not only did he not take responsibility for what he has done but he also went out and attacked a group that is put together to defend women. That is not acceptable. Kyle has not learnt his lesson – and as a parent, I would be taking away his access to stream, record and play games until he has truly accepted responsibility for his actions.


In an extended tweet, Kyle clarified himself in a far better apology that better acknowledges his mistakes. It comes across as sincere – and it’s all he should have done in the first place.

“Hi everybody.

I realized that a lot of people have been mentioning that my apology was not sincere enough and that they don’t feel as if I’m “genuinely” sorry.

Firstly, id like to state that I did not have to make the video and publicly shame myself even more than what was already done.
The storm had blown over and everything was quiet. I felt, that I needed to make that video apologizing to the public, as it had already been dealt with the girls and that it was something that people deserved.

People are also stating that I’m “making excuses” in the video. Please watch the video carefully. I try and touch up on almost all of the important details regarding what had happened as this is something that the public should also be aware of. People are also saying that I “blame” everything on dark humor.
When I spoke about dark humor and was touching up on what it is, I do not once, blame it on the humor. I do not once say that what I did was ok “because it was a joke”. What I did was wrong, and I’m aware of that. The reason I touch up on it, is because I need people to realize that it wasn’t done with intent to harm. I did not intentionally want someone to get hurt, hence why I IMMEDIATELY apologized to the girl and her family.

The reason for me getting my lawyers involved is because the images were posted without my consent or the girls consent by media. I did not get them involved to “hide away from people”?

The “without prejudice” in the top right hand corner is there to protect myself. My lawyer DID NOT help me put this video together. I did it, myself. So yes, my wording was probably completely wrong, but like I said, I wanted the video out to the public.

So let me put it to you like this.
What I did was wrong. I know this and I am genuinely sorry. I am fully aware of my mistakes and i have learnt from my stupid and immature mistakes. I sincerely hope that others have learnt from it as well.

If you are not happy supporting me and do not forgive me, I’m ok with that, and I respect that in every way possible.
But please don’t crucify me for a mistake that I know I have done wrong in and have publicly apologized on and a mistake that has long been resolved with the girls.”

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Last Updated: October 2, 2017

Gavin Mannion

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  • Original Heretic

    Guys like these…damn, they need lessons in how to be human.
    Scratch that. Not guys, in particular. PEOPLE.

  • Admiral Chief

    Needs a good pak slae

    • Sgt. M

      *Drawn and quartered.

    • MonsterCheddar

      Hard en fokken aanhoudend.

  • Sgt. M

    Yeah no! Sorry but claiming its okay because “Everyone is doing it” is complete and utter crap.

    • Sageville

      Hey… dood… I know I murdered that guy….. but Hitler….

      • Sgt. M

        I know I robbed you but…. John Dillinger…

    • Amen

  • Guild

    That video is terrible. Trying to justify your actions and pass it off as an apology is not an apology. It’s the same as “I’m sorry but….”. Why the legal notice, etc? I know the conversation was leaked and immediately once the story came out there was legal takedowns issued. But can’t you issue an apology without legal representation? Why not take responsibility by just keeping it short and say “I messed up, sorry to the people I have hurt, the community and I’ll strive to be a better person.” You don’t need an 11min video trying to justify your toxic actions. Also I don’t know when sending unsolicited threatening messages to random girls was considered a joke. That said, sending random unsolicited threatening messages to anyone should not be accepted and called out. Judging by most of Kyle’s supporters they under 20 and think there is nothing wrong with his actions whereas older people deem it unacceptable. Feels like a younger vs older generation thing where a translator is needed. The fact you got supporters looking for a fistfight over this is ridiculous. I know it won’t happen but I would like to see a video discussion/debate between Sam(TechGirl) and Kyle. Discuss it over, clear the air and then everyone move on.

  • Graeme Selvan

    I love dark humor, rape jokes are not humor. Also wanting to shag a pigeon is not funny

  • Craig “CrAiGiSh” Dodd

    Hahaha, his still justifying and defending himself on twitter … shame …

  • Anthony Nell

    I watched this video, was disgusted at his lack of self awareness or his ability to use logic and reason. What an absolute PoS human being. Fuck Blurz, fuck his friends and fuck his videos (they were shit anyway). I hope he comes through to rAge so I can see his shit little face in person.

    • Sageville

      Punching Blurz / Blurz Defenders == Punching Nazis?

      Asking for many friends….

  • @SargonDotA2

    I have no words. How do you fail so spectacularly at being a FKN human? Blurz, you have failed basic decency. Twice.

  • MonsterCheddar

    Just one look at this little twat and I want to give him a few PK’s. The douchebag combover should’ve warned me not to even watch this kak.
    Trying to justify his bullshit with “Dark Humour” excuses. He doesn’t know what dark humour is, obviously.
    What a little dipshit.

  • Umar

    Lol mate, you sent disgusting rape threats and asked to shit on someone. How you gonna post a video calling it dark humor? How are there people defending it and welcoming this dude back. And he still has the audacity to play this kind of innocent victim.

    Sorry dude, you will forever be known as the guy who not only sent rape threats but said he’s gonna poo on someone.

    2-ply ain’t enough to wipe that stain off, dawg.

  • Magoo

    You fucking tell it how it is Gavin.

  • konfab

    I know I have a particularly dark sense of humor (I battled to contain myself in Star Wars when Anakin decides to teach younglings about the dark side) , which means I am very careful about what I laugh at and what type of jokes I tell to people.

    Example of dark humor:
    Telling a shocking joke about someone getting electrocuted.

    Telling two random girls that you don’t know a joke about raping them isn’t dark humor. It is just plain stupidity at the very minimum. And I don’t really care what happens to stupid people when they do stupid things.

    • Well that’s the thing. I have a twitsed sense of humour – but choosing who you share that with is very important. Sending toxic rape treats is not dark humour. It is not “top bants”

      • konfab

        A toxic rape treat? Is that like roofies mixed with rat poison? 😉

        • *shakes head*

          • Potus Dotard

            treats ≠ threats

        • Deceased

          “Toxic Rape Treat”

          Sounds like it’ll make money…
          Looking for a business partner?

      • MonsterCheddar

        We will just call you Twisted Sister.

        • Potus Dotard

          We’re Not Gonna Take It (Twisted Sister)
          Oh we’re not gonna take it
          No, we ain’t gonna take it
          Oh we’re not gonna take it anymore

          Oh you’re so condescending
          Your gall is never ending
          We don’t want nothin’, not a thing from you

          Your life is trite and jaded
          Boring and confiscated
          If that’s your best, your best won’t do

          • MonsterCheddar


  • konfab

    “If we truly want gaming to be taken seriously in this country people like this need to be ostracised from the community.”

    Who determines who is part of the gaming community?

    • Unfortunately, the people looking in.

      • Gavin, well done with this piece. Excellent. You’ve managed to put together words that are in a tornado of rage in my skull about this guy. Also, I’m so sorry about what you and your daughter went through. It’s something I never want to experience. Mad respect.

    • Umar

      The community. The community shouldn’t stand for this kind of behavior.

      • konfab

        So will you organise a randomly sampled survey of the community to determine what it should stand for or not?

        • Umar

          Ahh. This argument again. Good stuff.

          Heres a sample of 1. Don’t send rape threats to anyone.

          We good? No one is calling for silencing of the community, or to police people, okay. But if people can’t stand against something like this then yeah, there’s a bigger issue than what you’re trying to get at

          • konfab

            The problem is, you don’t know what the gaming community’s stance on it. Most people are most likely against this behavior anyway.

            Saying that the gaming community needs to take a stand against it is implying that the behavior is commonplace, and that this individual is representative of the community. This is simply wrong.

          • Judging by the sheer nukmber of apologists attacking us on SM, I’m inclined to belive it is commomplace within certain communities.

          • konfab

            What percentage of the apologists do you think these cretins are of the community? Some numbers would help.

            Chances are it is a really vocal couple of [email protected]

          • I 100% agree. It’s the minority of the community but they are very vocal.

          • Deceased

            Sad part is – I’ve come across behavior very, VERY similar to what this “cretin” was exposed for, in Overwatch ( PC ) and I defended the girl – asking the guys ( 3 of them, so 50% of the team ) to please stop their disgusting “banter” towards the girl – and she actually defended them 😐

            Saying she understands that it’s just a bit of “laughs”.

            My brain could not comprehend wtf just happened ( so much so that I couldn’t even focus on the match ).

            Needless to say, I’ll avidly defend anyone I feel is being abused in games, but maaaan – I was not ready for that…

          • You have to stand up for the people being abused, whether they see it or not. It’s the principle, and in this case it’s the culture. You’re doing it not just for her, but for the bullies. I was literally beaten regularly at school. On a daily basis in certain classes and very few people actually helped me stand up against them. If I confronted the bullies, I’d have another 5 step up out of their desks to put me in my place while the class watched. There were times I’d defend them just to make the moment easier, saying they were just messing around and so then people would shrug it all off and think I was cool with it. It would’ve been so constructive for both the bullies and my own self esteem and outlook to know they were in the wrong and I was in fact a victim that could act on my instinct, like I wasn’t going crazy.

            So in short, well done for putting those dudes in their place. We need more of that.

          • miaau

            well said.

            Man, that must have been a tough thing for you to, I am guessing here, overcome the bullying and the feelings it generated inside. Well done. And kudos for being brave enough to state the facts.

          • Overcoming the bullying and the feelings of resentment they generate is the hardest part. I’m sure lots of people have gone, or go through that sort of treatment, point is to acknowledge it, and stop the attitude that “men can’t have feelings” or that being hurt by it “doesn’t make you a man”. Critical thinking and taking that thought process to the end shows how empty and futile it is. Masculinity is dumb af.

  • What an utter piece of trash

    • MonsterCheddar

      Douchebag combover, tribal tattoo. Par for the course. XD

  • Sageville

    You let the parents off the hook….

    They’re complicit….

  • Viper_ZA

    The profanity I can conjure up that will define this “person” is way too explicit I’m afraid 😛

    • Magoo

      Just use [Without Prejudice] tag

  • Kikmi

    Another white dude with so much privilege and pomp still has no fucking idea what or how accountability works in the real world. All i can hope is that any employer, friend or potential S/O’s at least do a little research before bothering giving this awful pathetic tiny little child any time whatsoever.

    • Unavengedavo

      (without prejudice) Honestly I think his life goal is to live with his parents and make money off of YouTube videos. I doubt he wants to get work.

      • Kikmi

        Look, don’t get me wrong. Making a living off of youtube is as viable as any other career path and I do not for one second denounce anyone trying to make a living that way. My issue is that there’s solid concrete evidence of his behavior and I think it would behoove anyone associating themselves with this child should to be made aware of his abhorrent behavior.

  • Kikmi

    Also, i don’t believe that using legislative methodologies to abstain ones commentary for legal purposes dont transfer to multimedia as it is missing much legal content to be considered as warranted WOP content. I might not be a lawyer but I know enough to know that you can’t blanket arbitrary legislation across every platform without including document purpose, sponsors and arbitrated content. Thats not how the legal system works and the chances this child and what ever legal team he possess are trying to achieve, will not be able to withhold this video and previous screen dumps etc from scrutiny. Try again buddos

  • Unavengedavo

    Watched the full and it seems more like a apology for getting caught than for what he did, and the lawyers told him to make this video.

    Ingame banter is one thing, but taking a random person on Instagram and then threatening them with rape has nothing to do with with gaming or the community.

    The excuse that “your parents taught you to respect people” sounds more like the “I have black friends” excuse racists use.

  • miaau

    With all due respect….

    Without Prejudice….

  • Hammersteyn

    I feel ill with anger, I literally feel my blood boiling and I’m gagging on bile. I despise everything about this boy, this little child and his supporters. The ignorance they’ve shown. The 250+ likes that was left on his video. What the actual fuck is wrong with these kids? How has their parents failed this bad at raising children? I want to type more, but it’ll just develop into lot’s a swearing at this point. I need a beer, two beers actually and tequila. I need to calm down. I need… help.

  • Gavin, well done with this piece. Excellent. You’ve managed to put together words that are in a tornado of rage in my skull about this guy. Also, I’m so sorry about what you and your daughter went through. It’s something I never want to experience. Mad respect.