Lagz it is – Lazygamer’s mascot is gets a name

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Well in the true spirit of Lazygamer this is better late than never.

The battle of the mascot names is over and we finally have a winner.

Everyone please welcome Lagz to the world, we will be seeing a lot more of him going forward and hopefully he will be a great flag carrier for the site going forward.

A big thanks goes to Darthdad for suggesting the name and while we originally had a copy of Fracture on the Xbox 360 and a MGS4 T-Shirt to give away I have a feeling the dad only has a PS3.

Darthdad If you could drop me a line and we can see if there is something more useful in the Lazygamer stock room… or the shelf as we like to call it.

Keep an eye out for some awesome competitions coming in the very near future.

Last Updated: March 2, 2009

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • Lupus

    You should just give the Fanboi the MGS 4 shirt 😛 and the runner up the Xbox 360 game 😀

  • Lupus

    And I mean that in the nicest way honest 😀 sorry Darthdad it is an awesome name though.

  • Darthdad

    Thanks very much for this Lazy. And a big thanks to all the guys who voted(for both names). It was a close run thing, and both names were good enough to name our favorite gaming site mascot.
    I do have a 360(gamertag – DarthdadZA).
    Must I send you a mail with my postal address?

  • Congrats on the win, Darth.

    Happy with the choice, too. ^_^

  • Ah okay that works out perfectly then… yeah please send your details to [email protected] and we’ll organise your stuff 🙂

  • fred

    Congrats from my side too , Dozer almost made it. It was an epic battle.
    Goodbye Dozer.

  • Dozer was my personal favourite but Lagz rules as well..

    Could you drop me an email as well with what console you have and we may be able to get something small out to you as well….

  • fred

    Thanks , will do .

  • Darthdad

    Wasn’t sure where to post this.
    The prize arrived this morning. 🙂
    A big thank you to the Lazygamer team!

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