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So the tracking of the sales stats seemed to have fallen at the way side recently and someone asked me earlier this week what they were and I actually didn’t know…

So without further delay here are the estimated sales in the US for the week ending the 24th of May….

Wii: 281,021 (+160%) [107,886] DSL: 117,587 (+1%) [116,648] 360: 47,958 (+5%) [45,587] PS3: 46,861 (-12%)[53,450] PSP: 45,972 (-4%) [47,874]

So another fantastic week for the Wii, the DS came second to give Nintendo the clean sweep and the 360 and PS3 sales were bitterly disappointing…

Granted there is no real reason to buy a console write now but still…… the Wii outsold them by 6:1…. that is scary.

On the software front the Wii killed again but at least the 360 looks a little more respectable, the PS3 however would have expected better with that huge Haze campaign going…

Wii: 2,389,217 (+102%)[1,182,902] Tie Ratio: 6.15
360: 937,851 (-17%) [1,126,599] Tie Ratio: 8.97
DSL: 873,522 (-6%) [929,068] Tie Ratio: 4.21
PS3: 651,266 (+7%) [610,510] Tie Ratio: 6.23
PSP: 222,266 (-6%) [237,154] Tie Ratio: 3.97

However the tie in ration on the PS3 has improved over the past few months and is now sitting at a healthy 6.23….. That will be making Sony smile at least….

Last Updated: May 29, 2008

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • j4nr1k

    Nintendo Bosses must be swimming in gold coins by now!

  • scotty777

    what does Nintendo do with all there money?
    I mean, seriously, look at those sales!

  • RossIRSA

    Regardless of the wii’s crazy sales all console makers should be happy. Life must be good in the console business right now.

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