LBP Won't Work on the 360

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Its the next big thing to happen to the ps3 and according to Media Molecule’s Alex Evans it’s an exclusive for a reason. Its not that it can’t be made for the 360 at all, its just that the ps3 offered more to use than the 360.

There were two main factors that meant LBP could not be made for the 360 "as it is". The fact that all ps3 consoles have hard drives and then the capacity of Blu-ray.

"The design decisions on the PS3 are huge, and I’m sure you realise that having a hard drive on every unit makes a difference. That’s another thing – if we didn’t have a hard drive on every unit, we’d have to scale back the ambition of what you could save and do."

Obviously to get the best game possible you want to use the console that offers you the capability of making the that game possible. As a gamer I want the best game possible no matter what console it is on.

"So yes, you could make this game on the 360, but it’d be a different game."

With the LBP weighing in at a massive 40GB, it is fairly obvious that the 360 would be a vastly different game. Now we can only hope that the game can live up to the hype.


Last Updated: September 10, 2008

  • I’m so thankful that they not claiming “PS3 is waaaaay more powerful than 360 again”.

    I agree, this game relies heavily on content creation (hence the HDD) and storage on disk for all the assets.

    That said, having a “me-too” Little Planet on the 360 mysteriously appear (and likely developed by RARE) AND it requiring a HDD wouldn’t surprise me.

    Milesh Bhana ZAs last blog post..skate [360]

  • Scotty777

    GOOD GOD! 40GB! that’s truly crazy!!!! my word! and all it is, is just 5min lil maps, so clearly, those mas are @ a monster res, monster detail and there’s a crap house full of them!!!

  • and there will be an install!! 😛 probably *I need a stirring the pot of flamebait emote*

  • Lupus

    Don’t forget it’s going to be a 10min install, mandatory 😀

  • actually hearing that makes me happy. It hopefully means you’re going to have tons of assets to make cool stuff in the game.

    Milesh Bhanas last blog post..skate [360]

  • Fred

    40G , can’t be , has it got some full hd fmv or what

  • Fox1

    40GB??? 😯 …. LBP makes MGS4 look little :mrgreen:

  • Apparently its all the tutorial content that raised the size so much.
    I’m not exactly sure if the tutorial will be a video or an interactive “do this now push this” type of thing.

    Bretts last blog post..Disaster: Day of Crisis – First Look – Nintendo Wii

  • awesome. lotsa content ftw. will let it install while i take a long relaxing bath.

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