Leaked Overwatch Chinese New Year video reveals new skins, possible CTF game mode

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We’re just a few days away from the next Overwatch seasonal event, this time focusing on the Chinese New Year, but it appears we just got an early taste of what Blizzard is cooking up for this celebration of the Year of the Rooster. The official announcements for the award-winning multiplayer shooter’s next big event already revealed to us the new skins that will be available to Mei and D.Va, but a new leaked image used in the game’s Chinese advertising has shown up on Reddit, showing us some more skins.

For those of you not up to scratch on your Chinese folklore, that’s Reinhardt, Zenyatta, Roadhog and Winston dressed as characters from the seminal folk tale Journey to the West. Winston is The Monkey King, Sun Wukong; Zenyatta is the Buddhist master, Tang Sanzang, Roadhog is Tang Sanzang’s pig monster apprentice, Zhu Bajie aka “Pigsy”; and Reinhardt is Tang Sanzang’s river monster apprentice, Sha Heshang. As somebody who actually plays most of the games with these very four characters, I actually cannot wait to check them out in-game. Those Reinhard and Winston ones in particular look fantastic.

Those aren’t the only leaks that Blizzard have sprung when it comes the Chinese New Years event though. A leaked video appeared on China’s Weibo’s social media network (via Reddit) that doesn’t just confirm these new skins, but also suggests that we may be getting a new Capture the Flag style game mode for it as well. You can check out what I’m talking about in the video below where Tracer can be seen standing in front of what clearly appears to be a glowing flag declaring that “The objective is mine!” before blinking away.

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UPDATE: An HD version of the video has now leaked.

Fans have been asking about a CTF mode for Overwatch for ages now, and Blizzard have previously said that they will only introduce classic modes like this is if they can put some kind of fresh new spin on it that gels with the Overwatch game style. If it does play out like traditional CTF, it will be interesting to see how they handle characters like Tracer and Sombra who can teleport or go invisible (Personally, I say they drop the flag as soon as they use their abilities). Will a speed buffing character like Lucio, or a fast runner like Soldier suddenly becoming critical picks? Would Pharah be allowed to pick up the flag and then just fly off into the sky away from the enemies? There are some many variables to this that I’m really excited to see what Blizzard can come up with!

The Year of the Rooster update will probably roll out late tomorrow evening. I hope to see you guys online after that!

Last Updated: January 24, 2017

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  • Admiral Chief

    The CTF should be like Capture the Ysalamiri in Jedi Knight.

    Once you have the flag, you cannot use abilities

    • Hammersteyn

      Poor Reinhardt

  • I’ve saved up my 3000 coins to buy the best skin that becomes available tonight… PSYCHED

  • schitsophrenic-toothbrush

    How is online play with overwatch? If I am not mistaken there are no SA servers for it so how is the lag?

    • Hargrim

      Since Overwatch is the only FPS I play online I don’t really have much to compare it to, but it is mostly OK. The few times I’ve died when I’m certain I pooped a defensive/got behind a wall can be depressing, but overall experience more than makes up for it. There are also a few heroes who are more ‘ping-proof’ than others, Lucio for Support, Torbjorn on defense, D.Va or Reinhardt as tank, Pharah for offense are my go-to when the ping is getting me down

      Note: I do not play competitive, if you want to, then the ping would put you at a clear disadvantage and you will be sad. Quick play and the Arcade do offer hours of fun with a lot less on the line though

      • My kid plays competitive and is in Diamond already and knocking on Grand Master.. we have a disadvantage but we are can still compete

        • Matthew Holliday

          Kids are crazy these days.
          randomly decided to play ranked in solo queue, ended up partying up with this girl who was keeping our team together like a champion, comboing dva and zarya ults like we’d been playing together for years, it was only 3 wins later, when she got triggered AF by our team mates not co-operating, that I realised that she wasnt actually a she.
          But rather, a 12 year old boy.

          Then we lost as I was finally knocking back on the gold ranking (got up to 1994 rank) Ive been grinding towards for weeks (I let my season 2 rank drop quite low playing with friends)
          The feels man.

          • I’m stuck at 2700… I bounce between 2600 and 2700… I just want to get to Diamond and get the flashing icon

          • Matthew Holliday

            The dream, after that session with the 12 year old, Ive realised I should be solo queueing alot more than I have been, playing with friends is one thing, ranking up is another =/
            Also, this seasons placements were trash…

            best of luck with the grind.

    • It’s very very playable.. .I play lots of online FPS and I’ve now clocked in probably 200 hours in Overwatch…

      You may struggle with the twitch characters like McCree or Widowmaker but even when I’m having a bad lag evening I can still play using characters such as Symmetra and Winston.

    • Matthew Holliday

      120-200ms ping with some amazing witchcraft behind the scenes that makes it feel like 75ms.
      At worst case scenario, playing competitive with 200ms, youre only at a SLIGHT disadvantage to characters like roadhog.
      Otherwise you wont really feel it untill you start hitting the higher ranks of Platinum.

  • kiekers

    remember not to play (and win) arcade mode, save those boxes for the event.

  • Matthew Holliday

    So what, no good skins for Zarya, again?
    Shes the only one of the characters I play that I need to get a skin for, but theyr all so bad.

    • I dig her goth skin.. it’s what I use

      • Matthew Holliday

        Not a fan of either of her legendaries, I alternate between the gold and her christmas skin I got from a drop.

    • Zarya? Widowmaker players laugh at you. They NEVER get skins.

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