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So in the run up to Call of Duty 4 all the noise and rumours were about which one would look better. Now that it is out we can be quite confident that they are pretty much identical unless you are a 360 or PS3 fan then your one is obviously better.

However with the campaign only being 5 hours long and the main draw card being multi-player it seems that this game could be the perfect opportunity to compare online services. Though this may be slightly unfair since the 360 has at last count over 7 million people connected while the PS3 had 2 million. (unless my figures are wrong)

Much has been made about the fact that you have to pay for Xbox Live and the PSN is free. Call Of Duty 4 was launched across the civilised world on Friday (and America the previous Wednesday) on both platforms.

5 hours later and everyone was loading up multi-player…. So what happened next? The 360 gamers looked for a game, found one, and spent the rest of the evening wiping out half the planet.

The PS3 gamers sat their reading error messages. The problem it seems lay with the servers being overloaded and crashing due to the extreme load. What extreme load? Did it get hit with more than 2 million users? If not then the server team are to blame for not preparing themselves properly.

So did any South African PS3 players experience any problems? 360 guys?

The old adage still stands I feel, You get what you pay for….

Last Updated: November 13, 2007

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • Ryan

    Weird… I seemed to be playing online the first night fine and dandy with my ps3.

  • J4NR1K

    I’ve not stopped playing this game on live since thursday night, 00:05 🙂

    But… Not sure about PS3 bandwith usage, I find this game very bandwith hungry, especialy towards the host.

    Burned through a gig in about 6 hours…

    So will only be able to host for 6 games a month.. bit hectic.

  • Abev

    Jeepers that bandwidth sound hectic. Havent got around to picking this one up yet. Was surprised to see it in shops over the weekend, what with all the stories of delays!

  • Burns ZA

    Yeah it seems the PS3 guys did have a problem this weekend, it was fine on the 360 though. I think the demo they made available on Live a month or two ago obviously helped them iron out any server issues on the 360 side, I wonder why they didn’t do the same for the PS3?

  • Not too sound like too much of an Xbox 360 fanboy, which I proudly am, but the Xbox 360 has the advantage over the PS3 because the online service is funded by the consumer and has been around for many years now with many big releases.

    I’m not saying that PSN won’t be stable and great at some point, I just doubt that point in time will be anytime in the next year unless Sony ploughs some major cash and skills into improving their service offering.

  • LazySAGamer

    @CraigN, granted they will be stable in time but I highly doubt that Microsoft is going to hang around and wait for it either.

    Sony is playing catch up on all sides in this generation.

  • doobiwan

    How are the PS3 CoD4 games hosted? Matchmade on servers and player hosted, or dedicated servers like Warhawk?

    I think this in one situation were P2P is definitely a boon although CoD4 matchmaking hasn’t exactly been perfect on 360. Oh well, we’ll get to find out next year with XLSP 😉

  • Abev

    What I dont get is that xbox gamers are always saying that international games are near impossible to play in most games. However the PS3 works great Locally as well as Internationally. I have no gripes about my free service 🙂

  • Abev

    Sorry to double post lads, and I hope it doesnt get blocked, but I only found this now.

    No problems on Xbox??? Hmmmm

  • LazySAGamer

    Abev I saw that but that problem has to do with the game and not the service. It also doesn’t seem widespread….

    I am keeping my eyes out though 😉

  • Burns ZA

    Few and far between, I got an ‘updated playlist’ error on the Wednesday night before release here. Since then I’ve been able to join every single game no problem, and according to my friends list nobody else has.

  • doobiwan


    Not reading posts again are you?

  • Abev

    What didnt I read?

  • doobiwan

    “…although CoD4 matchmaking hasn’t exactly been perfect on 360…” – elustrious doobiwan.

    No-one’s denying anything there are a few little hiccups here or there, just AW are having to rush changes to the PS3 version, but not the 360.

    Anyway, very interesting read here: COD4 has less polygons than CoD2

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