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It should be clear by now that I’m a huge fan of shoutcasters. They can honestly make or break my interest in a game. I love when shout casters get sponsorship/partnership deals, and it appears that two of our local boys have done just that.

Ph4tso and Harr Fast Productions are two South African shoutcasters for Battlefield. Rumour has it (hopefully confirmed this week) that they have entered into a partnership with Asus. This could help to grow the local Battlefield eSports scene. I’m definitely keen for it – sometimes it seems as if the only local eSport with any following is Dota 2! These guys will add variety to the mix, and I’m excited to see what they can do.

You can check out Ph4tso on twitter and YouTube. You can check out his shout casting skills in this video from the DGC:

Harr Fast Productions can be found on Facebook, twitter and YouTube. Here is a video he put together about a future Battlefield pro

It’s so great to see big brands getting behind eSports, and particularly our local shoutcasters. This would certainly help raise the profile of Battlefield in South Africa, and is well timed with the upcoming release of Battlefield 4 – let’s hope the grapevine is correct.

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