Local Event Reminders for Saturday

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Even though most people are using this weekend to celebrate the start of Spring, apparently we will be getting a cold front and it will feel nothing like Spring on Saturday. However, you can bundle up and brave the outside world for two cool events this Saturday.

First up, there’s the StarCraft II event at the H.I.V.E. in Montecasino. As I told you when it was announced, this is the perfect event for people who want to play StarCraft II and eat pizza. Oh, and apparently there will be prizes, too. The H.I.V.E. is inside Montecasino, so those of you who don’t like the cold should probably go to this event.
The other happening is Geek Fest, and all day event filled with cosplay, robot wars and booze. Really, what more could you want? You can check out all the event details on the Facebook page for the event
For all you people not in Joburg, sucks to be you. For all the people within easy driving distance of these events, come and support local happenings – it will encourage them to do more events in the future! I am aiming to make cameos at both events to make up for the fact that the rest of the boys are losers. Feel free to come say hi to me if you can spot me.

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