Local PS3 Price increase is confirmed

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So the insanity has been confirmed…

The guys over at NAG have been fortunate enough to receive a response from SterKinekor Games… 

The recommended price of the PLAYSTATION(R) 3 from SterKinekor Games is
R6599 to R6699. Owing to the fact that SKG cannot prescribe price to retailers, the price may vary from retailer to retailer – so we suggest consumers shop around.

This price is expected to remain stable for quite some time.

So yes the PS3 is now more expensive than the previously advertised price of R6299….

James Francis over at NAG is of the opinion that this is Sony’s doing and that SterKinekor actually don’t have any choice in the matter, if that is true then it is quite disappointing to see that Sony’s arrogance has still not been destroyed. We may not be the biggest gaming market in the world but we have always been loyal to the Sony brand, price increases are really not going to help keep it that way.

I would also be suprised if SK received a discount from Sony on the initial batch as it does not look like any other country had quick price increases… So what is really going on?

Oh and I would suggest that SK be a bit more open with the gaming community in South Africa… Don’t try and sneak price increases through and hope that it will go unnoticed…

Source: oldskool » Cough up more for a PS3

Last Updated: May 24, 2007

Gavin Mannion

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  • milez_away

    “The recommended price of the PLAYSTATION(R) 3 from SterKinekor Games is
    R6599 to R6699”

    Ok, is it just me or does this not answer the question ? The launch RRP for the PS3 was R6299.

    This message implies that the RRP was already increased to R6599 (which did go unnoticed as we’re still waiting for the post-launch batch), and they’re saying that it only went up by R100, when it in fact went up by R300.

  • Jimmy

    So this seals it then…

    I was waiting for GTA IV to release (because the games line up for the PS3 really kinda sux at the mo – with maybe one or two titles looking like they’re worthwhile…if u can get them).

    Anyway, $ony didn’t sign an exclusive deal with Take2 for GTA (or with Rockstar or whoever it is that they do these kinds of things with) and so now I can run off to pick up my 360 instead (been wanting to play Crackdown anyway for quite some time now).

    Yup – sadly I own a PSP and a PS2 (the PSP already gathers dust – the PS2 will gather some too once I finish GOW2)…looks like it’s time to kiss $ony goodbye – you’ve screwed us all long enough

  • Jimmy

    Sorry – I forget to mention…

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