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Mad Moxxi cosplay–hit or miss?

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So yesterday was stressful, I lost my rag at two local distributors and had to deal with the fallout from everyone else who works so hard to protect their little piece of the PR suck up pie.. so today I’m relaxing and posting fluff and hopefully my phone will stop ringing for a while.

So here we go, Jessica Nigri is possibly the most famous cosplayer in the industry mainly because of her flair for costumes and her natural… flares…

This week she is dressing up as Mad Moxxi from Borderlands 2 but her attempt isn’t being roundly applauded with reddit in particular being pretty harsh about the entire setup.

Here is Moxxi


And here is the lovely Ms Nigri


So did she nail it or is she relying too much on her natural assets to try sell it?

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