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Yes another glitch in Grand Theft Auto V online and again it is all about making more money. Now obviously making money is an issue in the game as the amount of these glitches that can be found is quite incredible.

However this one is by far the easiest to exploit and the most profitable and that is also why Rockstar has apparently threatened anyone doing it with a GTA ban –  and they’re talking to Microsoft to make it a full account ban.

According to Eskimopress Rockstar made the following announcement on a customer care call

We’re aware of the issue and until we can fix it, we’ll ban anyone with a history of abusing this design flaw. It will ruin others’ enjoyment by disbalancing the economy that’s vital to the Online experience. We’re in discussion with Microsoft, too, to escalate these bans from online privileges to user accounts as a statement against these antics. We don’t expect any outrage from the law-abiding player base who haven’t devalued others’ items and hard-work with an exploit – these the customers we are proud to help.

So what’s this glitch that has gotten Rockstar so worried? Well it revolves around reselling your own personal vehicle to Los Santos Customs over and over.

Sounds simple enough but you have to do it in a very precise way – and here is a video to show you how that is.

How do these guys find this?

was reviewed on PC

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