Man Arrested for Choking Woman with Wii Controller Cord

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An Austin man, Daniel Alvarez, currently sits in jail – accused of second degree felony charges of aggravated assault with serious bodily injury. He faces up to 20 years in prison. Alvarez, who presumably suffers from anger management issues, tried to strangle his girlfriend with a Wii controller cord.

She must have had it coming though, right? she must have done something to incur such wrath. Yes indeedy – she interrupted his special nap time, and accused him of eating all her girl scout cookies. You can’t make this stuff up, though I wish I had.

It’s obvious which social ill is responsible – Girl scout cookies. They corrupt our youth and need to be banned.

Source : Statesman

Last Updated: February 5, 2009

Geoffrey Tim

Editor. I’m old, grumpy and more than just a little cynical. One day, I found myself in possession of a NES, and a copy of Super Mario Bros 3. It was that game that made me realise that games were more than just toys to idly while away time – they were capable of being masterpieces. I’m here now, looking for more of those masterpieces.

  • easy

    let this be a lesson people, buying an xbox or wii can be lead to death or sexual harassment.
    buy a ps3! :w00t:

  • tomorrow’s headline: “Man drops PS3 on Neighbors head” – no-one is safe… no-one

  • 😀

    If I don’t find a story like that to report on, I’ll make one up. :biggrin:

  • easy

    touching and representative of ps3 owners, albeit he was an ‘almost ps3 owner’ 😉

  • spl0it

    Glad its not just the 360 owners who are the social deviants

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