Mandatory 1.3GB Update… Ouch

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Now it’s not often that you will find us complaining about a company giving us free DLC but EA may be pushing the limit on this one.

On the 13th of March they are releasing some new content entitled Ultimate Team for FIFA 2009, the update is free which is great but unfortunately it is also mandatory and is going to weigh in at 1.3GB. And no that is not a typo.

Once installed you will be given a 5 match trial before being asked if you would like to purchase the full content to keep on playing…

So it’s a mandatory demo that is going to cost a South African around R140 each to try out… This isn’t the sort of thing that we expect from the new EA and hopefully someone changes the mandatory flag before it hits the airwaves in 3 days time.

Source: Joystiq

[Thanks Brett for the tip]

Last Updated: March 10, 2009

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Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • fred

    Does the world know what we pay for bandwidth down here?

  • sylar za

    dont care about the cap…Fifa 09 is tha bomb, cant wait!

  • WTF is a mandatory Demo??? Am I understanding this
    correctly? It’s an automatic download of 1.3GB for
    a freaking Demo? I don’t own a PS3,but this sounds
    like a pretty sh*tty scam.

  • janrik

    The rest of the world cares little for our bandwith woes.

    I think it is very clever from them. And try before you buy is cool.

  • Dev

    Yea try before you buy is cool if you have the option to want to try it.

  • WitWolfyZA

    Dude i dont even think most of the world knows that we are a republic

  • WitWolfyZA

    here here…

    EA:”Here try this demo DLC, dont worry it will take your whole cap. And the best thing is, you have to buy it afterwards ASWEL!”

  • Yarik11

    This is where having two accounts (one with local bandwidth) really helps…

  • CHase

    dont think u can use local download acc for this. Local download account only applies to “download management” section and stuff downloaded from the store.

    So unless u downloading from store u gotta blow your cash.

    I thought there was also a trophy patch on the way, does this include that?

  • janrik

    You can use local only bandwidth for XBL and PSN, if you know what you are doing…

  • janrik

    My cap is 100 gig per month, so not that stressed over a gig and a bit.

    Not that I play this game. 😎

  • Ace

    Those same people that know what they doing also know that that only applies when using the download management stuff. So all game updates require international bandwidth. The main reason being the fact that the developers have to provide their own servers.

  • janrik

    Nope. have local only account, can surf and dl international…

  • Ace-ZA

    oh i can do the same using a proxy (my university one to be specific)

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