Massive Abuse of Power – Please complete this completely unrelated survey

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All help is greatly appreciated   Online Questionnaire get file.php?file name=UniversityOfLiverpool   Lazygamer

As you may or may not know I am currently studying my Masters in Software Engineering online through the University of Liverpool, well now it’s time for my dissertation and one of the requirements in this dissertation is that I undertake some market research.

Now I could go out and stand in a shopping mall and annoy the people waking past or I could abuse my position and hijack the site to get some respondents. Yeah it wasn’t a tough choice.

If you could spare a moment of your time to answer some questions I would really appreciate it and you could stand in line to win the game of your choice* if your name is randomly drawn after the survey closes.

The survey shouldn’t take you longer than 5 minutes and you don’t need any IT knowledge to answer it, it’s pretty straight forward.

To begin the questionnaire please click the following link – Dissertation Questionnaire

*Game of your choice is coming directly out of my pocket so please no bundles or special editions – Max price R800, AUD$100, US$60 or whatever a standard game is worth in your local currency and yes by that I mean this competition is open to anyone as long as there is a gaming store that will deliver to your address.

Last Updated: August 17, 2009

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • easy


    btw there are a few typo’s; on page three (i think) you have an “…I are…” at the top and on the ‘thank you’ splash the date is “12st of August”

    good luck 😀

    • oops, I are just trying to appeal to my Afrikaans audience 😉

      Thanks for the heads up, 2 typo’s now resolved… and the survey ends on the 21st not the 12st 🙂

  • ewie

    A additional comment would have been nice.

    For sites I frequent, I will do the following, I have add-block plus loaded and will systematicaly go and remove the sections I don’t want on the page at all.

    For the lazygamer site I have removed all the sections I don’t need, like the ball of awesomeness, The main header, so I am left just with the content portion
    and comments.

    • You removed the ball of awesomeness :(… OMG

  • Faheem

    Personally I’d never do that but I agree with some of ewie’s finer points. Otherwise good luck BossMan 😉

  • Darkling

    I did this a while ago..

  • Yeah thanks for that :), don’t worry all the older entries are still there. I just wanted a final push before I started putting the official answers down

  • Darkling

    Will make a topic on The Xbox 360 community forums!

  • Faheem

    That’s a good idea

  • Awesome thanks for all the help I really appreciate it 🙂

  • batman

    Did anyone win this?

  • Roland Browning

    I’m BATMAN!

  • Thanks for reminding me… I had put this part of my dissertation on hold while I finished the application side.

    I will draw the winner now and send an email out

  • Emails down, so Eric van der Westhuizen you will be getting an email very soon, thanks everyone for completing the survey.

    The results will be sent out to those who requested them in the next 2 weeks as well.