Massive SterKinekor Warehouse Sale this weekend

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I was over at SterKinekors Head office the other day just hanging around in the bushes and spying on all the gaming employees milling around… as you do really.

Anyway I overheard two of them talking about a private stock clearance that they will be having this coming weekend at their Head Office warehouse for specially invited members of the public only.

Well my invititation seemed to have been lost in the post so I thought I would share the good news so that we can all go together. The prices really are pretty impressive with relatively new PS3 games starting from R150.

So if you’re interested click here for the price list and make sure you are there early or else all the good ones will be gone.

PS: No the irony of the price list being hosted on a 360 forum didn’t pass me by

PPS: I actually wasn’t there spying on people but rather saw it on Krypty’s twitter page instead, but my story was more entertaining.

PPPS: Who gives the press a first shot at sale prices when they get sent the games for free in the first place?

PPPPS: No… I’m done

Last Updated: May 7, 2009

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Gavin Mannion

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  • Lupus

    It seems this has been canceled.

  • clearly someone leaked the information :pirate:

  • Lupus

    Yeah I got the mail on Monday, and then saw it spread on the internet like crazy yesterday.

  • I guess my cancellation notice is stuck with my invitiation then :tongue:

  • Atomic

    so is the sale cancelled? – i really wouldn’t mind picking up a few games at those awesome prices.

  • ske customer

    The sale has been cancelled due to the leak and an expected turn-up of people who are not supposed to be there. The sale was going to be ONLY for Sterkinekor account holders, i.e. their regular customers like retail shops and rental agents. You are not able to pay at these events if you can’t provide an account number through which you usually do purchases. There is no use at all in any one else attending as they will not be able to buy.

  • those communist pigs and their secret sales

  • So if you can only buy with an account number, then why cancel due to the leak?

  • I think everyone saying it’s canceled is just talking BS so nobody else goes :silly:

  • WitWolfyZA

    Things like these really make me mad!! Compared to the prices we pay for these games and the prices they actaully flog to secret conventions!!! I’LL SHOW THEM!!!

  • Saints Row 2. . . R200,it stil sell R689 at retail

  • Chantal – SK

    Hi, Sale has been cancelled…

  • bokka1

    All that this shows us is how we are being shafted by SK with game prices. Telling us that games RRP will be R799.00 and then willing to sell it at R150.00 (Saints Row 2 and others). Why will they want to sell newish titles at a loss? They are not, they are paying less than R150.00 for it.

    I have said it before and will say it again but these distributors (not the retailers) think we are fools who can’t convert $ and Pounds to Rand. All I can say is FY SK.

  • Sad.very.sad

    So does that mean the public can’t buy??? :shocked:

  • Sadder.even.sadder

    I confirmed with a ***** of a lady at SterKinekor that its canceled. :cwy:

    [Censored simply because I doubt that the lady you spoke is respondible for the prices or policies]

  • I don’t know but I think we need some explaining how they can be selling these games for so cheap.

  • WE’RE BEING RIPPED OFF AND JUST FOR THE HELL OF IT. . . .I hope Nu Metro becomes the official PS distributer in S.A,ya hear SK people roaming these comments.You guys just rip us off,and if SK wasnt sleeping with the authoritys,they would get busted for price fixing.

  • Seop

    Was there, it is cancelled

  • Alan Rodger

    I was there at 6 am this morning and yes it was canceled. There were white boards n their gates saying it was closed…

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