McDonalds giveaway makes me want to live in America

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I’m not usually a big fan of McDonalds unless I’m drunk or hungover. Nothing cures a hangover like McDonalds. However, their new giveaway would make me want to go full “Supersize Me” and eat McDonalds for every meal, just so I could maybe win one of 14 000 Xbox Ones – if only I lived in America.

If you’re traveling to the States over the holidays, you seriously might want to look at this. Over on the One Hot Holiday FAQ page, McDonalds explains:

With the excitement of the holidays around the corner, McDonald’s wanted to pair the bold, spicy flavors of the Southwest Chicken Premium McWrap® and Bacon Habanero Ranch Quarter Pounder Burger with a chance to win this season’s hottest gift, the Xbox One. Through our partnership with Xbox, everyone wins something for Xbox!

Of course, not all prizes are created equal. McDonalds is giving away 14 000 Xbox One consoles with Forza 5, making those odds 10 001 to 1. However, they’re also giving away 10 000 Xbox Music Pass and Xbox Live Gold month long memberships. Those odds are sitting at 14 001 to 1. Do they not know the most expensive prize is supposed to be the hardest to come by? Other prizes include downloads of The Maw, Ms Splosion Man and Aqua, as well as some lame Fox TV episodes.

Winning an Xbox One? I don’t care how that Habanero Ranch Quarter Pounder tastes (although it looks pretty nice); if I win an Xbox One I’ll definitely sing that “loving it” jingle.

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