McDonalds to hand out Skylanders in Happy Meals

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The first time I saw the headline I got quite excited as i thought I had just found the perfect way to boost my kids Skylanders collection for less than R99 a Skylander… unfortunately while it is true that McDonalds are handing out Skylander toys in Happy Meals they aren’t workable ones.

In what can only be described as a brilliant marketing move by Activision they have made an agreement with McDonalds America to hand out Skylander characters in their Happy Meals.

They will start appearing in Happy Meals on the 22nd April and will continue infesting the minds of little children up until the 2nd of May.


Skylanders are very quickly becoming the fourth most recognisable video game character set after the Mario family, Pokemon and Sonic which is a very impressive feat for a franchise that is only 18 months old.

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