Metal Gear Solid V’s microtransactions are ludicrously expensive–here’s how it works

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Happy Metal Gear Solid V day! Honestly, I’ve been counting this down for ages now, and I’m tickled pink to finally have a go at Hideo Kojima’s last (for sure this time) title in this acclaimed franchise. One thing I’m not so happy about is the obvious publisher meddling that has occurred – with the multiplayer F.O.B mode requiring in-game currency to access. Currency that will cost you a hell of a lot to buy.

Being thrown up on PSN yesterday, we now have a little bit of a better idea as to how in-game currency in The Phantom Pain works. When the game first prompts you to engage with the F.O.B mode, you’re given your first bit of sea to construct a base on for free. That essentially unlocks multiplayer for you, but expansion of that base requires a lot more investment. More locations for purchase sit within ranges of 1000MB to 1200MB (the in-game currency), while you are able to purchase coin packs from anything as little as 100MB to 6000MB (the latter of which costs a staggering $80 in funny New Zeland money).

Of course, a lot of this can be earned in-game too, but the rate at which you’re realistically able to expanded your F.O.B isn’t quite certain yet. But does this impede on the core Metal Gear Solid V experience? Our own resident cabbage, Matty, had no issues with being excluded from the mode during his review, and a 100% playthrough by Destructoid agrees with that. You aren’t missing out on anything vital to the main story if you don’t engage with the F.O.B – which is a little relieving.

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It is, however, still an exploitative system that has no place belonging in a full-priced game. Regardless of whether or not it takes a minute or an hour to grind enough for a new base, these types of progression mechanics have no right to exist within a product that has already forced you to pay to play. The only reason they still exist is because people are ultimately engaging with the model, so we only have to look at ourselves and wonder if we’re giving publishers a reason to force this garbage on us constantly.

Want to really sink your teeth in F.O.B? So do I, but I’m not paying a penny more to do it.

Last Updated: September 1, 2015

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  • Alien Emperor Trevor

    Mother Base… Mother… Base… Mo… Ba… MOBA… OMG!

    • It’s thinking like that which starts up the whole “1/2 life 3” story….

  • Greylingad[CNFRMD]

    I abhor pay to play models… It’s like a yapping dog on the other side of a fence,when you walk past said fence it storms up at you,dust flying as it breaks not to go face first into said fence, it then starts growling and barking at you asif it wants you to try and touch it,meanwhile, the only thing you can think of is how far your boot will displace it’s face relative to its ass…

    Edit: This is not a stretch to promote animal cruelty, it’s the first reaction to being frightened by a dog, the second reaction is wondering why your pants are suddenly heavier and load bearing….

    • Dutch Matrix

      Sis man! That is animal cruelty!

      • Greylingad[CNFRMD]

        Hmmm…. I had a Staffordshire Bull terrier storm me like that once, teeth glaring, spit frothy from anger, muscles tense, ready to pounce…That same dog managed to rip a girls face to shreds, so much so, that she still bears the scars, 20 years later… The owner of said dog was a teacher at our local primary school, a real diamond doos, his only response, “The girl was looking for it” while he walked his god without a leash…. I believe you understand my sentiment towards dogs that could potentially be harmful in such a manner….

        • Admiral Chief Returns

          Now, you see, this I have a problem with. It is NOT the dog’s fault, it is it’s idiot human owner NOT teaching it properly.
          I grew up with staffies, loveable wonderful dogs, but we gave them loads of attention and love and proper discipline.

          Don’t hate the breed, hate the muppet owner

          • Greylingad[CNFRMD]

            We had a silver Staffordshire Bull terrier, as in her coat was completely silver, a 1 in 20000 breed phenomena, the kindest dog you’d ever know, so much so, that she used to play with kids and be protective over them more so than her own owners, knowing, kids come first, beautiful dog and the kindest soul, but it was the way we brought her up…the teacher I mentioned, lived right next to us and I’m sad to say this, but a dog is the most perfect reflection of it’s owners personality. I don’t hate any form of a staffy, but not knowing the owner makes me weary of them when spotted. So yes, I am in full agreement with you, always approach an unknown animal with caution, not anger…

          • Admiral Chief Returns


          • Greylingad[CNFRMD]

            I have taboos, the first and foremost is intentionally aggravating animals, I simply cannot forgive someone who creates a monster, bar the fact that they themselves usually are monsters themselves, anyway…

      • Greylingad[CNFRMD]

        Sorry about that, see edit…

  • Admiral Chief Returns


    • Dutch Matrix

      Hierdie is groot kak, nie mikro kak nie…

      • Admiral Chief Returns


        • Hammersteyn

          Dit rol so lekker op ‘n afdraand

          • Admiral Chief Returns

            Rol rol rol jou drol, stadig in die straat
            Rolletjie rolletjie rolletjie die stront maak my kwaad

            (sung to row row row your boat)

          • Hammersteyn


          • Hammersteyn

            Laat my dink aan buffels fontein baard olie

          • Admiral Chief Returns

            My ken-kuif stem saam

          • Hammersteyn


          • Dutch Matrix

            Ek het sommer dadelik begin sing op tune van Row… Row… nog voor ek dit gelees het… Ja. Ek is so awesome!

          • HvR

            Lyrical fokken genius pappa

          • Admiral Chief Returns

            Ek se jou, my poef is toooit

    • Umar

      YES. KAKAS!!

  • Umar

    Have they mentioned how we earn MB?

    • Admiral Chief Returns

      Sorting out Darryn’s ‘naughty’ folder into EWW, EEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWW and OhNoMyEYES!!!

  • Hammersteyn

    I paid full price. Let me play my game!


    lol, but over 1.5 million people had no problem forking out a quarter of full retail for the demo. These Micro botsactions are a drop in the fucKONAMI ocean.

    Dead Space 3 on the other hand. The single player experience was ruined. FEE TO PAY

    • Exactly I mean COME ON! The paid demo was their practice model. It’s only because so many fucking morons paid into that that this is even happening.

  • This isn’t cool in anyway man. Even if you can earn in-game, what have they done to their loyal fans? “Oh, you want the end of the story? Sure, $60 PLUS MOAR MONEEEEZ! SCKERS!”

  • “Hey, let’s charge them for a demo”
    “That’s whack. No one will pay that much for a 8 minute demo!”
    Some time later…
    “No way man! They fell for it! BWAHAHA! What can we hit the punters with now?”
    “How about that you pay for the size of your base, or spend thousands of hours for the same thing?”
    “Nahh… No, wait, I said no last time… DO IT!”

    • Alien Emperor Trevor

  • Ottokie “Yahtzee”

    MEHtal Gear Solid

  • The Sten

    “I’m tickled pink”

    I’ve never heard this phrase before and it sounds so dirty

  • WitWolfy

    LOL R800 for 6000 points, go F yourself!

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