Microsoft announces it is the most profitable platform for developers

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The big breaking news for Microsoft overnight is that they have now officially sold over 30 million Xbox 360’s and signed up over 20 million people on Xbox Live.

But while that may be exciting to mainstream gamers, we have been aware of this magical 30 million mark for some time now so it’s not really huge news.

What I did find very interesting though is that “The Don”, Interactive Entertainment Business senior VP Don Mattrick, announced that the Xbox 360 had brought in $5.9 billion in sales to content providers on the platform which is

“more than those of current-generation consoles combined”

That’s a pretty impressive statement and one that would make any business savy developer sit up and take notice, the Xbox 360 is widely acknowledged as the easiest platform to develop for and if it’s bringing in the most income then it obviously has a bright future.

However I am pretty sure Sony and Nintendo can spin the figures in their own way to make them look like the better option, but they are going to have to wait until their financials are released before doing that again.

Source: Gamasutra

Last Updated: May 29, 2009

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  • WitWolfyZA

    Back to the point… Maybe MS first wanted to clarify if they really did sell more than 30 000 000 consoles world wide… (Not to mention 10 000 000 breaking down in the first 1 – 2 years)

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