Microsoft Explains The E74 Error

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E74 Microsoft have, much to their credit, updated their 3-year warranty policy to include the dreaded E74 error; The new bane of Xbox gamers worldwide that seems to have superceded the now infamous “Three Red Lights” Microsoft’s console is so well known for.

Brain Crecente of Kotaku contacted Microsoft for a little clarification on just what the E74 error entailed – and they shed some light on the subject. But only a little.

Once a repair is made and a person gets their 360 back, does the clock reset for the extended warranty in regards to this error?
No. The same terms of the three-year warranty associated with three flashing red lights error apply.

We reported in 2007 that Microsoft was reworking their 360s to no longer give the red rings to report certain errors because people were sometimes misconstruing them. Is that the case?
No, that is not accurate.

Can a 360 still get a red ring error, aka the red ring of death?
Yes, the three flashing red lights error message can still be present on the console in the event of certain general hardware failures. We have made improvements to the console that will reduce the likelihood of an occurrence of this issue. The majority of customers who own Xbox 360 consoles have a terrific experience from their first day, and continue to, day in and day out.

Is the e74 code a replacement for the red ring of death?
No. The E74 error message can indicate the general hardware failure that is associated with three flashing red lights error on the console. This issue remains relatively narrow in scope and a very small percentage of our customers have contacted us about this issue. Again, we have already made improvements to the console that will reduce the likelihood of an occurrence of this issue.

There you have it. The E74 and the Three red lights are the same. Only they’re not.
Thanks, that explains everything.

Source : Kotaku

Last Updated: April 20, 2009

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  • Scotty777

    Hmmm… The Xbox seems to be having quite a hard time with itself, Why doesn’t Mircosoft just fix the problem??? I mean surely all these extended warranties must be costing them a fair penny?

  • captain beer

    hmmm…the whole console bombs out, cool im going to buy an xbox right now yeah!!! woohoo!! :pinch:

  • WitWolfyZA

    Well i was a victim of the E74 error… TWICE in 1 month.. Crap really. The way they’re going on is that there is no real way of fixing the matter… Guess All the consoles bought are just on a countdown timer waiting to break.

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