Microsoft's E3 lineup

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So a ‘manager’ from the E3 event has leaked the Microsoft line up for the new mini-E3 event which is coming up.

– Microsoft start first at 6.30pm GMT+0:00. (Fact)
– New Crimson Skies game to be announced.
– Bungie working on new title/series not related to anything in the Halo/Marathon Universe.
– Epic Games to show some form of Gears of War 2 Trailer.
– Microsoft have bought the Star Wars Battlefront 3 rights. Trailer/Demo to be shown.
– Rare to show off Banjo Kazooie 3 (Banjo-Theerie).
– Rare to announce 2 new games.
– Rare to announce Kameo 2.
– Lionhead Studios show more of Fable 2.
– Microsoft to fund a new game based on Jason Bourne. It’ll be based on the books and not the film with Matt Damon.
– Team Ninja to show off Ninja Gaiden 2. Labeled 360 Exclusive.
Apparently there’s news of a MGS Game for the 360. May or may not be the 4th Installment.
– Dead Rising 2 to be shown. May not be ready.

Anything in that list spike your attention? Yeah once again we have a MGS4 rumour cropping up.

I don’t think anyone needs to be a prophet to realise that Gears of War 2 is coming, I would love to see some footage though.

Ninja Gaiden also has a great following so confirming the exclusive to the 360 would be great for Microsoft… All the rest seem quite obvious.

Anything stand out for you?

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Last Updated: June 16, 2007

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • Ruslan

    Wow… NG 2? That could just make me wait for it instead of buying the NG Sigma re-hash for the PS3. Cant wait for the trailers. 🙂

  • paul

    this thing is a lie. why wouldnt they have added a halo 3 section. I highly doubt microsoft bought starwars battle front 3 rights. Its way too early to show off a gears of war 2 trailer. and on several sights there is a e3 line up and it says that microsoft starts at 8:30 pm.
    this rumor was debunked by microsoft.

  • LazySAGamer

    Yes it’s quite rude of Microsoft to debunk these rumours on the weekend when I am playing games instead of reporting on them :)….

    I wonder if Microsoft are going to talk much about Halo 3 at E3 though? It’s not like the game needs any more publicity.

  • Ruslan

    The online H3 BETA said it all. No need to strengthen the hype for that game!

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