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Ewie sent me a tip a while back about the number of games on each platform that had surpassed a million units worldwide in sales. Unfortunately due to other pressures that article never made it to the front screen.

However being a lazy Friday I went back and dug it up and thought it would be interesting to do a then and now comparison.

First we need to go back and do some soul searching, I am using for all of this data.

The original Xbox had 38 titles break the million barrier with the leader being Halo 2 which sold 8.45 million copies.

The Gamecube also had 38 titles break the million barrier with its best seller being Mario Kart: Double Dash which sold 6.6 million.

The unstoppable PS2 had an unbelievable 205 titles break the million barrier with Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas selling a whopping 15.23 million copies.

Now onto our latest generation

The current leader in million breakers is the Xbox 360 which has 31 titles over the million barrier at the moment, with the best seller being Halo 3 with total sales of 7.06 million

Then comes the unstoppable Wii with 16 titles breaking the barrier and its top seller is Wii sports (bundled) with 17.81 million units.  Followed by Wii Play (controller bundled) with 9.42 million and the first non bundled title is Super Mario Galaxy with 5.35 million units.

The PS3 currently has 7 titles over the million barrier and the leading PS3 title is Motorstorm (half bundled) with 2.63 million and then resistance (half bundled) with 2.27 million. The first generally unbundled game is Call of Duty 4 with sales of 2.06 million.

So to put it in a pretty graph that we can all refer to


Last Gen


Mid December

Xbox / 360




Gamecube / Wii




PS2 / PS3




So what does all this currently show us? The PS3 has a lot to live up to and has improved quite dramatically since December.

The Wii, which everyone has said has no games, has over double the million sellers compared to the PS3.

The 360 however is way ahead of everyone else currently, it did have a years head start though.

I’ll re-visit this in the middle of the year to see what’s changed…

VG Chartz | Search Games

Last Updated: January 25, 2008

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • PS3 did 5 in a month, 360 has a year head start…ps will be way up thsi year dec..

  • lol, Evilredzombie, I’m going to buy you a pair of PS3 Pom Poms 😛

  • come now Koldfusion… u just as much of a cheer for the 360 community. And honestly its great..told u .. I stil have my live gamer tag and will keep fighting with you guys to get live SA…

    I love my PS3 but my main goal is to grow the SA gaming community and maybe by the time of the next generation consoles we will be fully recognised

  • Oh and again… Kold and Lazy… thank you guys for building on the SA gaming scene…

  • lol, thanks Red, I should’ve mentioned I have my pair of x360 pom poms in the trunk of my car.. actually they’re more like gigantic green boxing gloves 😛

  • DCBronco

    VG includes games that were part of a package deal. That’s misleading. They should only include games that sold on their own. I’m not sure that games like Motorstorm(PS3) or Marvel:Ultimate Alliance(360) make it if they weren’t included with the console.

  • It was sold… even thou it was a was stil sold to a user

  • Yeivier

    Wii sports is half bundled cause they have to buy it separately in Japan

  • LazySAGamer

    @DC, I do actually agree with you but in as Yeivier pointed out some of these are only bundled in certain areas.

    In South Africa for example Dead or Alive and Viva Pinata were included in our last bundle. Should we exclude all sales of these games worldwide because of this?

  • DCBronco

    @Zombie and Gamer, A give-a-way is not a sale. It just makes the person more willing to buy a product. When you go to a sporting event and get a team seat cushion for that game, it’s a freebie. They lose money on that. When Microsoft bundled Marvel with the 360 do you believe that Activision just handed them over free of charge or do you think MS negotiated a discounted price for them.

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