Modern Warfare 2 Is A Call Of Duty Game Afterall – Box Art Revealed

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What’s this? After all that lip-flapping about Modern Warfare 2 losing the Call of Duty name, they have decided to add it back in after all.

This information made it’s way to our eyes when we were pointed in the direction of a Twitter post by an Infinity Ward employee, who had just got his hands on the game boxes fresh off the press and posted a photo of them on Twitter.

It didn’t take me very long to realise that just above the Modern Warfare 2 text, and much smaller than it usually would be, was the Call of Duty logo.

Check out the photo of the boxes, after the jump.

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Source: FourZeroTwo on Twitter

Last Updated: July 10, 2009

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  • I have my doubts of the authenticity of this, I reserve judgement

  • fourzerotwo is a known ‘insider’, if he posted it then the boxart is legit 😉

    Or he got fired 😛

  • fair enough my concern is that it’s July… that’s 3 months (exactly) till release, seems a little soon that’s all.

  • Cleric

    It might say COD on the box, but apparently that doesn’t mean that the official name is changing:

    I think it’s the right move to put it on the box though. I still think of the 1st MW game as COD4.

  • WitWolfyZA

    im not bothered feels like ive player every possible COD out there already. This is so milking the franchise

  • Darkling

    They can keep milking it ’till their for arms are sore in my opinion!

  • Faron Morgan

    FourZeroTwo is known to release these kind of things, he’s like the person who tell’s us how everything is going behind the scenes with COD4 or COD:MW2 – He is legit, I have him on Twitter and seen his tweet about this.

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