Mortal Kombat X is getting its own controller

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When it comes to standard controllers made for fighting games, none are as close to perfect as the 6 button Genesis/Mega Drive one that was released alongside Street Fighter II’: Special Champion Edition.

The thing is just about the best thing for fighting games that isn’t an arcade stick. If you had to make a controller for a fighting game, it would be the smartest choice to copy. Mortal Kombat’s getting its own controller it seems – and it looks a lot like the Genesis 6 button arcade pad.

The thing was shown off at a Gamestop expo last week (via Gaming Judgement), and features 6 face buttons for faster combos and an odd asymmetrical design. The strangest thing about it though is that it’s missing an actual d-pad, replacing it instead with something that looks like an analogue stick.

Don’t worry though; in all likelihood it’s not really an analogue – but is rather more like the 8-way microswitch sticks on the Neo Geo Pocket colour. If it’s strong, and has a bit of a click to it, it could well be quite suited to fighting games. It’ll certainly be a cheaper proposition than buying a whole new set of arcade fight sticks because all of your old peripherals no longer work on the new consoles.

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It’s made by Pelican, and seems to be a skinned version of this thing – which, unfortunately, like most Pelican products, is largely cheap junk. It doesn’t help that it’s a little bit on the hideous side either.

Mortal Kombat is coming to new and old systems, as well as the PC in April next year – and I’m rather excited for it. It’s faster, more fluid and more brutal than any Mortal Kombat before… and judging from my time with it so far, plays like a dream.

Last Updated: September 15, 2014

Geoffrey Tim

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  • Alien Emperor Trevor

    Oh cool, so you’ll be able to play it with the BEST controller in April. 😉

  • Admiral Chief Assassin

    Not bad!

  • WarframedSquirrel

    Interesting idea… but will it work with Street Fighter, Tekken and Soul Calibur?

    • Brady miaau

      Good point. Especially Soul Calibur, is so much faster than Tekken

    • Admiral Chief Assassin

      For a moment there I thought you were going to say….but can it run Crysis?

  • OVGrounded new game+++

    Where is the FATALITY button?

    • FoxOneZA

      That;s all the buttons put together 😛

    • WarframedSquirrel

      That’s when you slam your head against the controller over and over again…

      • JJ the Reus

        The only way it’s ever worked for me.

      • Asturias_Knytt

        oh the nostalgia…

  • JJ the Reus

    I think in the history of Mortal Kombat I’ve been able to do two fatalities. One with Johnny Cage and one with Scorpion.

    • WarframedSquirrel

      I’ve gotten about 5 right (randomly)… but can only redo 2… 1 with Liu Kang and 1 with Scorpion.

    • Sk3tz0

      Could do most From the First 3 Mortal Kombat games.. I remember Searching every Paperweight Shop in town looking for Gaming Magazines that had the move lists and fatalty lists.

  • Aussious

    Can anyone say Sega genesis controller!?

  • Sk3tz0

    I might be old school or a newb or what ever.. but I prefer my Fighting games with a D-Pad.. fuck analog sticks..

    otherwise thats pretty cool controller 😛

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