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So unfortunately we still don’t have official Xbox Live status in South Africa and have to resort to buying our subscriptions and gamerpoints from overseas websites.

However that is about to change with the launch of a locally owned and run site where you can now buy your Xbox Live subscriptions and points instantly using your local credit card or if you are not a credit card holder. Just use their instant bank transfer option to get your points and subs just as quickly.

To celebrate the launch are giving away 2 three month Xbox Live subscriptions to 2 lucky Lazygamer readers. All you need to do to win is email me ([email protected]) the name of the site giving away the prize.

Simple as that… the winner will be announced this Friday at around 2 in the afternoon.

And for the people who clicked through, you can get a free second entry by adding in the price of the 3 month subscription in your email.

Check out the site here

Last Updated: June 29, 2009

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Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • Now that is pure awesomeness 🙂 Still, one wonders if, once the Seacom line is up and stable, whether Microsoft will reconsider Live in ZA, given that “bandwidth issues” were their “chief concern”…or are we still ranked lower than Turkey in priority?

  • Officially Microsoft SA are working their asses off trying to get us Xbox Live. However from an economic point of view I personally don’t see Microsoft offering Live to any new countries until after the new Dashboard roll out and until the smaller Live countries like Australia are bumped up to full access.

  • Roland Browning

    Anyone else concerned that does not meet the basic requirements of the ECT Act in South Africa. You can’t have a submission form as your sole point of communication. Where are the contact phone numbers and info about the company/ people running the site.

  • I don’t know anything about the ECT Act but I have asked MSPoints to clarify this point. As you know we only support legit local companies and I am sure MSPoints falls into this category.

  • Hi Roland,

    We have made the About Us page more visible. You may view the link directly here:

    Shipping and Refund policies may be found on the FAQ page:

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