Remember when South Africa got thrashed by Romania? There was quite a bit about uproar about the organization of the event, last minute notification of players and other problems. Well, the MSSA has a chance to redeem themselves when South Africa goes up against Mexico.

The tournament will take place on Sunday, 8 September at 7pm. Taking place at MWEB’s MCAVE in Cape Town, South Africa will be represented by:

  • Anthony ‘Scant’ Hodgson (Knights Mind Sports)
  • Mohamed ‘seeM’ Wasim Lorgat (Energy eSports)
  • Dylan ‘Shanks’ Probyn (Knights Mind Sports)
  • Justin ‘LETSGETPARTY’ Probyn (Knights Mind Sports)
  • Wesley ‘oDu’ Rose (Knights Mind Sports)

At least, I’m assuming that these are the representatives – the press release actually refers to them as the team for 31 July 2013. But don’t worry – the press release tells us all about how strong the Mexican team is with quotes like:

Coupled with the Mexican team’s passion is a ruthless dedication to the game, It is this passion and dedication that has made the Mexican team one of the most respected Central American teams.

The captain of the Mexican team (Fergus)  is oft heard to exclaim that he is first and foremost a gamer and life is just a hobby!

Not sure why we get furnished with this information, but no details on live streaming of the match. It would be great to go and support the team in Cape Town, but for those who are unable to, it would also be great if these press releases told us how we can watch and support the guys! So far, I’ve been informed that Kyle ‘Congo’ Wolmarans and Kyle Singh will be shoutcasting – I will let you know if I get a link or channel for you all.

Let’s hope that the South African team is more successful this time around – it would be nice to see the guys beat the Mexicans at Dota 2, even if they are so passionate and dedicated (as compared to all those apathetic, detached national teams).

Would you like to watch this match?

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