Naughty Dog admits defeat to Modern Warfare 3

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Two of the biggest online shooters of the year are EA’s Battlefield 3 and Activison’s Modern Warfare 3. The rivalry is so fierce that they have decided to go head to head in sales and are releasing a mere 2 weeks apart.

And then in a moment of madness Naughty Dog along with Sony decided to release is the week between these 2 behemoths. But will this plan backfire as Naughty Dog are already accepting defeat to MW3?

Naughty Dog’s Robert Cogburn has been talking to nowgamer and has been brutally honest about his titles chances

In terms of numbers of players, I have no doubt that Modern Warfare 3 is going to kill us. It is a ridiculously powerful franchise, you know, their sales are through the roof, they’re multiplatform, and to be honest, the industry needs games like that

So then why did they decide to release in the most septic of launch windows? I for one am a massive shooter fan and will definitely be picking up BF3, MW3 and Uncharted 3 but there is no point getting all 3 at once and it’s going to take something extra-ordinarily special to make me drop either BF3 or MW3 for Uncharted.

I will more than likely only grab one of the big guns and then grab the second in December and pick up Uncharted in February.

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If I was working for Naughty Dog right now I’d be strongly pushing for a delay and moving away from the title killers in November.

Last Updated: July 12, 2011

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