Need for Speed: Shift – First Look Interview

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The Need for Speed series is going to be moving in a new direction with the upcoming title Need for Speed: Shift and this video interview takes a first look at the game as well as what it will entail.

It seems as though EA are looking to release a ProStreet-done-right title, it still leaves me wondering why in the heck they aren’t just listening to the fans and taking the series back to the good old days of Hot Pursuit that made the franchise so popular in the first place.

At first glance the game bares a striking resemblence to Codemaster’s Grid and is once again looking to take a stab at the GT5/Forza market. I was quite surprised that in the interview, Patrick Soderlund made the bold claim that Shift looks better than anything out there at the moment. Is he talking garbage or is it possible that the game actually looks better than Grid and GT5 Prologue?

The screenshots are impressive, but I usually don’t trust them and prefer to wait for some direct-feed video instead.

What do you guys think? Is this game looking like the saviour of the Need for Speed series or are EA just setting themselves up for yet another over-marketed underwhelming Need for Speed title?

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Need for Speed: Shift will be released sometime this Spring on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

Last Updated: March 5, 2009

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  • Darkling

    Meh,I think they are just milking the franchise now.
    There is just too many better racing games out there,but who knows,maybe they’ll surprise us with this instalment.

  • Joystiq have given it quite the preview and apparently it’s pretty awesome

  • As I said when this was first announced, it’s being developed by the team that made the GTR games. It’s going to be strictly SIM stuff, and has the potential to be awesome. If you’re in to racers, that is.

  • But why bother? We have sim racing games. NFS targeted gamers that didn’t want sim or arcade, just the middle area that wanted the fun of exotic cars and cop chases mixed into the idea of trying to beat someone else to a finishing point.

    Why go all sim with the NFS franchise? That’s like making the next Duke Nukem game into a realistic military squad based tactical shooter.

  • Darkling

    Thats so true Nick,NFS has never been a sim game,thats what i loved about the game. If i want a sim racer i’ll rather play Forza till my xbox RROD’s

  • WitWolfyZA

    Okay ill be honest .. this will be the last NFS title ill ever buy if it sucks… Lets wait and see then

  • Fox1

    Its 95% sim and 5% arcade. They have to give something for the n00bs 😆

  • Fox1

    The game is headed by somebody that actually races for real 😎

  • Fox1

    There’s always NFS: Most Wanted for those Hot Pursuit fans.

    The problem in the racing games market is that developers either go for too high graphics and bad vehicle dynamics or a high range of vehicles but far too few tracks.

    Just read the hands-on preview by Joystiq.

  • Hey, if enjoying arcade style racers more than
    a sim then so be it.
    I prefer fun over frustration.

  • Sorry, meant to say “if enjoying arcade style racers more than
    a sim makes me a n00b,then so be it.”

  • Fox1

    I enjoy arcade racers too. PGR3 being my favourite racing title but the devs add the arcade element for those that never played a racing title before.
    “…the game is 95% pure racing simulation, with a bit of arcade feel thrown in so as not to totally alienate players who aren’t actual race drivers…”

  • Fox1

    NFS: Porsche was more of a sim.

  • That’s why NFS online and NFS Nitro will exist – to fill in the arcade niche.

  • WitWolfyZa

    I LOVED Porsche challenge, awesome game for its time

  • WitWolfyZa

    Agreed, and its a bit bold to say that its got the best visauls out there. I’ll wait for the reviews first…. They hyped Undercover up so bad , and under delivered as much as RRODing Xbox. I imagined like a “The Fast And Furious” kinda story line in Undercover, with non stuttering visauls. But that was just me

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