New Forza 3 Video Surfaces – Shows Racing Gameplay

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This new video has surfaced on YouTube and shows off a couple of things that haven’t really been seen yet.

Not only do we get to see some racing gameplay with different cars but we also get to see a bit of the menu interface and settings screen. I really like that the 3D models of the cars have been replaced with images in the car selection screen, as the individual models loading in Forza 2 in the menus could slow things down somewhat.

The video shows the new Audi as well as a muscle car and the lovely Mitsubishi Evo. Check the full video after jump. (There seems to be no sound except for the intro).

Source: Kokugamer

Last Updated: August 5, 2009

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  • easy

    its looking really good, except the damage looked a bit suspect on the evo.

    i don’t know if its just bad driving, but most of the cars looked to under steer…

  • janrik

    Looks great, pity the noob driving is playing on easy and totally fails to even try and keep to a racing line.

  • Damage model looks about as good as the one in GT5:P.

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