New KOTOR game is MMO: Confirmed!

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EA has officially come out and confirmed that the next Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic game will indeed be a massively multiplayer online role playing game.

As a fan of the series as well as pretty much anything Star Wars related, I am really excited to hear this news. The KOTOR games were fantastic and I really think that an MMO could really do the Star Wars universe some justice, especially after the Star Wars Galaxies MMO bombed so badly in the past.

Kotaku writes that reported the following:

“We’ve got two of the most compelling MMOs in the industry in development,” said Riccitiello. The first title, based on the Warhammer property, will launch soon. “And the one that people are dying for us to talk to them about — in partnership with Lucas, coming out of BioWare, which is, I think, quite possibly the most anticipated game, full stop, for the industry at the point when we get closer to telling you about it.

” Does Riccitiello mean the oft rumored Knights of the Old Republic Online? “Yes,” he said.”

source: via Kotaku

Last Updated: July 18, 2008

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  • Interesting it said “MMO” components. All I can say is “Woot!” here’s holding thumbs it comes to console.

    doobiwan’s last blog post..The Games that made the consoles

  • darthdad

    Ok! time to dust off the 360 and connect that sucker to the Starwars Galaxy!!!!! :mrgreen: YES PLEASE!

  • Goose ZA


  • imajin

    hmmm, i just hope this doesnt take as long as conan. been waiting for an mmorpg on xbox for a looooong time

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