New Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild footage shows Link just having a grand old time

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Breath of the Wild's world fights back in new footage 2

Breath of the Wild is just over two weeks away from launch, but Nintendo are still somehow managing to show off new little features of the large open-world action RPG. We’ve seen many little snippets of Link interacting with the world around him. He’s able to cut down trees to form bridges, set fire to fields that spread with the wind and generally climb his way up and over almost anything. But just what happens when that world decides to bite back on out intrepid little explorer?

That’s part of some new footage Nintendo has release for their game, which shows off some more minute details to staple gameplay pillars. For example, do you know you could hit back projectiles that enemies through at you in mid-air? Or that Link has a particular fondness for spying on wildlife before ruthlessly killing them for campsite meals? And we all though he was the innocent hero that Hyrule could always count on.

What interests me more about the footage is just how adaptive you’re going to have to be as Link to the changing world around you. There’s a day/night cycle, sure, but with that comes new weather and temperatures to tango with too. Rain and snow will drastically cool Link down, leading to a quick death should you not have the correct gear. Similarly, the wrong gear in the wrong weather might get you killed, as an ironclad Link in the new heavy armour attracts too much attention from an overhead lighting storm. Guess it isn’t only animal being cooked in this gameplay after all.

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There’s always the possibility that these neat details get drowned out by actual normal play, and an even bigger one still that the rest of this open-world doesn’t feel as alive as the small enemy encampments Link comes across. But those of questions left for the final game, which is within touching distance now. Breath of the Wild launches March 3rd for Switch and Wii U.

Last Updated: February 16, 2017

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  • Admiral Chief

    Zelda sure does look a lot like a dude

    [grabs supersize popcorn]

    • PurplePariah

      That’s because Zelda IS a dude. He’s the main hero of the story.

      [grabs some of your popcorn]

      • Admiral Chief

        Some buttery cream for you?


    • Original Heretic

      [goes for popcorn, realizes he hates popcorn, whips out some Whispers instead]

      This could get interesting….

      • Admiral Chief

        I love me some Whispers, pity about the price…

        • Admiral Chief

          …the SOUND OF SILENCE

          • Original Heretic
          • Admiral Chief

            LOL, watched that with my daughter (well, was busy on my phone playing a turn based combat thing, quite the time killer) and suddenly heard this song, was amazed

          • Original Heretic

            SUPER cute little movie.
            So glad they got it as right as they did.
            My boy absolutely loves it.

            Casting Anna Kendrick in a singing role in a movie is always a winner, that woman has an amazing voice on her.

          • Admiral Chief

            I had no idea it was a musical, no wonder my attempt at couch napping failed, all those damn songs keeping me awake

          • Original Heretic

            The worst thing about cartoon musicals and being a parent?
            The songs get stuck in your head. For days.

            I can, quite literally, sing every song from Frozen. I’d kill myself if I thought that’d make it stop, but I’d probably just end up haunting some twisted Frozen hell.

          • Admiral Chief

            LET IT GOOOOOOOOOOOO dude

          • Original Heretic

            i WILL!! I won’t let it hold me back anymore, because I’m one with the wind and snow.
            I don’t care what they’re going to say, the cold never bothered me anyway.

            Gaaaah!!! See what you’ve done now??! You’ve Frozoned me!

          • Admiral Chief

            You’ve been…

          • Original Heretic

            But that might just be because I was caught in the middle of the railroad track.

          • Admiral Chief

            [HITS DRUMS TWICE]

        • Original Heretic

          Yeah, they’re waaaay overpriced.

          Though, I do (VERY) begrudgingly admit, the red Chuckles from EvilCorp (a.k.a. Wool of the worths) are better than Whispers.

  • Skittle

    This game looks fantastic but it doesn’t justify spending so much money on the Switch for me.

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