New PSP Is Coming – Getting E3 Unveiling

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Sources of have confirmed that there is indeed a new PSP coming and that it will be unveiled at this years Electronic Entertainment Expo.

It seems like the the new PSP, which has yet to be named, will definitely be ditching the UMD in favour of downloadable games and an internal flash drive and will not, I repeat not, be getting a second analogue nub.

It also seems that the rumours of a slide-out screen are true and that the PSP’s new title may be influened by this new feature. It is also believed that the well overdue Gran Turismo Mobile will finally see the light of day as one of the new systems premium launch titles.

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While I am really sad that they aren’t opting for the second analogue nub, it also makes sense to those who still own the previous models of the PSP, as they will lose the ability to play any of the new games. Sony would obviously want as many gamers to move onto the new system as possible, but at the same time they probably realise it will cause quite an uproar if they suddenly made all of the older PSP models useless in a single blow.

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Sony are refusing to comment on these details at the moment, but that’s what they always do, so when E3 arrives in June, the truth will finally be revealed.

With the upcoming releases of LittleBigPlanet and Motorstorm for the PSP, not to mention the aforementioned Gran Turismo Mobile, the PSP really does look like it has a lot going for it again and I really do hope that Sony manage to revive their handheld to a state of consciousness once more.

Source: 1UP

Last Updated: April 29, 2009

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  • Scotty777

    I have an issue with downloadable games though, because the UMD can hold up to 1.8 gigs. that means these game DLs are possibly gonna be 2-3 gigs if not larger… that means you spend R400 for the game online, then about R150-R200 just for downloading the game 🙁

  • I have a serious issue with it not having a second analogue stick, that would change the entire PSP in my mind

  • RSA-Ace

    ps2 games aren’t compatable with ps1 games. why should psp2 games be compatable with psp games?

    there really should be a second analogue stick! if it doesnt have a second one then its not really psp2 but just psp4000. just a visual upgrade and a umd downgrade.

  • janrik

    You need to jinx your isp mate…

  • WitWolfyZA

    I couldnt care less about the PSP.. bought one for my GF and cant get a decent title anywhere… Musica,CNA ect.. Everywhere has the same titles.. Bull in my perspective, i mean c’mon even the DS has a better library than PSP

  • bokka1

    Does this mean that my PSP is now worthless?

  • janrik

    Some may say it has always been… :pirate:

  • tershef naicker

    the new psp sucks its looks arnt anything to go by the psp 3000 still in my oppinion is the best portable gaming console ever :angry:

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