New streaming technology streams PC games to a mobile device

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Okay, this is seriously gonna rock!

At Computex 08 in Taipei, Intel have demoed a streaming technology called StreamMyGame that is going to allow you to stream your PC games to a mobile device in complete and uninterrupted fashion.

This might change the direction of handheld gaming completely. Who will care about the PSP if you could whip out your little mobile gadget and play some COD4, Crysis or Bioshock instead. Hell, we might even see some World of Warcraft players outside in the sunlight too!

In a press release, Intel says that “Online streaming of video and audio has radically changed the broadcast and mobile industries re-inventing the way consumers purchase and watch media”

The streaming is promised to offer gaming that will be absolutely no different to playing it on your home PC, although I can see controls being an interesting issue to solve, especially for RTS games. The technology necessary for all of this is a mixture of really potent microprocessors and a fast WiMAX wireless broadband network.

So far, it is reported that StreamMyGame will be able to stream to Windows as well as the Fedora, Ubuntu and Xandros versions of Linux. I’m sure that if technology like this takes off we will see it being integrated into consoles as well. I know that Sony said something about doing this with the PSP and the PS3, but I stand corrected by saying that it would only work over a short distance and not over the internet as is being promised here.

It’s a bit sad to hear news like this and then realise that the chance of it coming to South Africa anytime soon is really slim. I’m still really excited about it and I think it might change the way we play games in the future.

source: TechRadar

Last Updated: June 5, 2008

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  • SlippyMadFrog

    Amazing! Now companies can release handheld gaming consoles without any heavy processors or display cards, the computer does the processing for you. It will be intersting to see to where this leads.

  • Milesh Bhana ZA

    i think your biggest limitation (well for gaming) is the interface of the cellphone. Unless you use a purpose built cellphone like an N-Gage where the phone is actually designed around the fact that it will also be used for gaming.

    With other media related stuff (getting on-demand movies/shows/music) would be awesome.

    “Oh crap i’m stuck waiting for something, ok, let me stream the latest episode of Chuck to my phone”.

  • j4nr1k

    Nice. Not a new idea tho. Some guy wrote a article a few months ago on how MS should do this with a handheld.
    Stream via 360 to device, etc.

    Glad to see that the idea is out there and being looked at now.

  • Milesh Bhana ZA

    can’t you (or won’t you be able to soon), take a PSP, use the Wifi connection over the internet and stream stuff from the PS3 ?

    I remember hearing murmurs about that.

    (on the original PSP that’s a little useless because the WiFi functionality chows the battery, I heard it’s better on the PSP lite)

  • It’s basically hi speed video streaming. Still quite nifty though.

  • RossIRSA

    It won’t frikken work. Think about the crazy latency you would encounter. Novel Idea though.

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