The next Hearthstone expansion could be called “Whispers of the Old Gods”

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HEARTHSTONE! Blizzard’s mega-popular card game was teasing some news last week, about an upcoming announcement at the Americas Winter Championship in a few days. So essentially an announcement of an announcement, in much the say way that Hollywood enjoys pumping out trailers for trailers of soon to be released movies.

Naturally, that got the Hearthstone community all abuzz, at what the next Hearthstone card set could be for the new Standard format. According to the hive mind Hearthstone community over at Reddit and Youtuber Disguised Toast, that upcoming expansion could be titled “Whispers of the Old Gods”. As Disguised Toast noted, Blizzard has changed five cards on the Hearthstone front page (Mind Blast, Void Terror, Dark Wispers, Cult Master, and Faceless Manipulator), something they did before the  Blackrock Mountain expansion was revealed.

Each card happens to have a connection to the “super, super, super evil, powerful Eldritch horrors” who live way down in the bowels of the land. According to the Hearthstone subreddit, their theory is that Tyrande Whisperwind, Lady Liadrin, and Maiev Shadowsong will be the new Priest, Paladin, and Rogue skins while the Dark Summoner, Sinister Cultist, and Bloodaxe Ritualist cards might pop up in the new expansion.

Finally, there’s a certain invitation to a Hearthstone announcement event via Hearthhead, which warns of “whispers around the tavern.”

Naturally, Matty has gone mental and is now even forsaking his CookieClicker record attempt to dust off his Paladin deck. Hearthstone expansions are always interesting, significant events in that metaverse, seeing as how each one has managed to shake the core game up something fierce and refresh any stagnant tactics and strategies along the way.

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Of course, this is all just hearsay and conjecture at this point, but it all does tie in rather nicely ahead of the announcement. Sounds legit to me, yo.

Last Updated: March 8, 2016

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      Manufacturing Skill Standards Council? I am probably a scrub for not knowing what [mssc] means…

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        Mandatory Staff Support Comment.

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    Damn they rolling out expansions quick. I barely finished getting all the G&G and the Tournament ones

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    So over this game…

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      I still do the daily quests and tavern brawls. Currently if I play ranked I’m happy to hit 10 then leave it at that.
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        Did find it fun at the start. But playing enough to get cards got tedious…Not going to have the time to try it again for a while with Battlefleet Gothic Armada and XCom 2 about to take up all my time when my new PC arrives! Glad you still enjoying it!

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          I play it on my iPad when I go for a smoke usually. I still find it entertaining some nights but it also has gotten a bit stale. Played for 2 years now.

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