Next Xbox to include 300 000 player MMO?

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Now it’s no big secret that Microsoft is planning to release a new console in the coming years to replace the Xbox 360, however a job posting I spotted today gives us a little insight into what Microsoft are planning for the future.

In the posting they are looking for a backend server engineer to help them work with selected partners to ship a great first party lineup with the next Xbox.

However they go on further and state

“Join the server-backed games team, part of the Xbox LIVE team that’s responsible for creating games and entertainment for mainstream audiences to enjoy on Xbox and Xbox LIVE”

Which makes me instantly think that Microsoft are going to be making a strong push for the casual gaming market in the next iteration of their console, a feeling which is backed up when they also state

” building a backend capable of hosting a 300,000 player game in real-time with real money on the line”

Now there is no current gen game that is anywhere close to hosting 300 000 players at one time and the fact that they are talking about real money makes me think that they are planning for the next Xbox to host an immersive MMO title with gambling options. What other type of game allows for up to 300 000 players to be online at one time?

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So if you are interested in working in the gaming industry but can only currently code in C#, ASP.NET and web service then click here.

Else let us know what you think of the idea of the dashboard becoming a fully immersive MMO experience?

Last Updated: May 27, 2009

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • HaveSEXaLot

    Finally!! Xbox HOME is coming!!

  • someone

    At least we’ll have descent internet connection by then

  • Roto

    How about online gaming ie gambling?

    Not an MMO, but something line online Bingo, black jack etc…

  • LOL!

  • Any MMO out there allows their users to spend real money to get stronger, it doesn’t have to have anything to do with gambling.

  • kop

    that’s good but let’s concentrate on the 360
    besides when 360 launched live was great and it’s still great but sony is offering nearly the same but for free
    they should give us more reasons to bay for it and btw bring a fucking browser already

  • ChrisW

    How about something like HOME, but absolutely nothing like HOME because it will be FUN!!! :w00t:

  • bart

    I think it’s about incoming 1 vs. 100 or something like this. Not a big deal.

  • al360rulz

    we want live we want live we want live!!!!! :angry: :angry: :angry:

  • al360rulz

    we want live we want live we want live we want live we want live we want live we want live we want live

  • truBlue

    Home on Live, are you kidding? M$ can’t even get 32 player games to work and they’re hoping someone else can solve it? 300,00 players? Hey you xbots, heard of MAG? 256 player this gen, this year. Why wait for M$ vaporware? Come Home to PlayStation, it is where the fun is!

  • xocoatl

    I think bart has it right, this is just for more games like 1 vs 100. During the Canadian beta there was 10-20K players in the games I was in. They are likely working on other game show conversions.

  • megamonkees

    I think that they are trying to make something to secondlife. What else would need to have that many players? Microsoft also needs a little something extra to justify paying $50 a year for online support.

  • Andrew

    So it will basically be Entropia Universe for the console?

  • mr.dick

    only losers would want a crap concept like ‘home’ on their console. the xbox should never include it in. there’s too many losers in this world and guess where they go.. ‘home’

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