NFS Shift 2 locked down so tight that even the developers can’t crack it

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One of the funnier moments from the press launch I attended last night was when Slightly Mad Studios own Stephen Viljoen had to explain to us all why we weren’t watching a Bugatti Veyron or Lamborghini Gallardo burning up the track.

No instead we were stuck with a bright Red Golf GTI that couldn’t quite muster the speeds he wanted to show us.

The problem was that EA South Africa had very kindly organised them a retail copy of the title, which is awesome for us because we can then know for sure that this was what it will look like when we pick it up off the shelves.

However a slight drawback is that the developers handy cheat codes wouldn’t work and as hard as Stephen tried he just couldn’t up his cash and move on. Apparently he even got on the phone with the rest of the development team to try and find a way around the anti cheat system but to no avail.

Hopefully this means they’ve done a great job protecting the game and we won’t be flooded with cheats soon after the game is launched, unfortunately life has shown that hackers are an amazing bunch so don’t count them out just yet.

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