Ninja Gaiden II delayed….

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Ninja Gaiden Gore

I have just received an email, from an anonymous source, which states that Ninja Gaiden II’s release has been delayed locally.

The new release date is now apparently the 13th of June… which is the same date as a much bigger title that is a PS3 exclusive..

I don’t know if this is a local or international delay at the moment but either way, we ain’t getting it for a while…

I can’t imagine that anyone would do this on purpose and I have a strong feeling that the new release date is going to change again as Metal Gear Solid 4 is going to completely overshadow Ninja Gaiden on that day…

Last Updated: June 6, 2008

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • Syph1n

    It came out june 3rd in states so its just us. 🙁

  • Alt

    Three letters come to mind about the delay,MID.I think these guys should stick to consoles and leave the games to the other distro companys,this is the third big title they have now delayed.

    Anyone remember Bioshock and Mass Effect?

  • janrik

    I remember those, I also remember IMPORTING them both.

    Golden rule is to always import the games you want to play on day 1… else … you wait on far less competent people to arrange things for you

  • Sony is having a bad week it seems

    larch’s last blog post..Gurren Lagann Yoko Centerfold

  • Syph1n

    Sony? i think you mean microsoft. Ninja Gaiden 2 is an xbox exclusive

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